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Fred Grable


L. Fred Grable, BSCE, MBA, PE, a senior staff engineer with the Code Council’s technical services department and former master plumber, brings extensive experience as both a plumbing contractor and an engineer. He has nearly two decades of experience as an engineer for an industrial pressure piping manufacturer and in wastewater treatment equipment field services. He also founded his own plumbing company and managed new construction, remodeling and repair of residential and commercial plumbing and gas systems. Grable is a registered professional engineer in Tennessee and Ohio.

Grable has worked for the Code Council for over 13 years in the Codes and Standards Department acting as the Secretariat for the International Plumbing Code and International Residential Code plumbing codes, the International Private Sewage Disposal Code and the International Swimming Pool & Spa Code. He is also the staff liaison for ICC 802, a standard for Landscape Irrigation Sprinklers and Emitters.

Areas of Expertise