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PRONTO testing
December 13, 2017
12:51 pm
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June 24, 2015
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Scott, that's a great question - the technology we're using for PRONTO is constantly evolving, and we're staying on top of the changes. Look for notification soon (early 2018) that you can now use electronic codes during your online exam - we're working hard to make this happen as quickly as possible.

Our concerns are always about exam security, so we want to make sure we do this right the first time.

Stay tuned -

Michelle Porter

Director - ICC Assessment Center

888-422-7233 ext. 5247

November 28, 2017
10:27 am
New Member
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August 11, 2015
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So with the update to the testing via online proctoring and advancements in technology, why are we still required to use physical books for exam testing? If having a dual screen computer system and a subscription to premiumACCESS, why can we not use the digital premiumACCESS for the exams? Why are we also required to purchase physical books only to take an exam?