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Temporary Floors for Event Tents
May 13, 2017
6:19 pm
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December 29, 2016
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I'm working on a project right now that has been very frustrating. I'm trying to set up a temporary membrane structure for a 180 day permit in the high desert. I've been working with the local inspector on relevant codes for our site but have been constantly battling what should or shouldn't apply based on the fact that it's temporary and will be taken down before Winter.

Apart from the Special Construction Codes relevant for a temporary membrane structure it's been difficult to figure out what codes we have to meet when it comes to the floor system. Our tent is anchored on concrete piers and we are having a floor engineered out of wood to meet Commercial Assembly Structure design loads of 100 psf live load plus 10 psf dead load. The issue I'm running into is whether or not we need to use preservative treated wood. Based on the fact that our girders and joists are both under the required dimension for using non preservative treated lumber it would seem like we would however this is a temporary application that will be removed and stored at the end of the season therefore I don't think it's necessary. Additionally the floor is under an enclosed roof and not overly subject to weather and the bottom is being finished off with vinyl skirting with vents to allow air to circulate underneath. 

The question I have is how do you figure out what codes should or should not apply? Is that something that is up to the personal preference of the AHJ?