Tracy Lendi, VP, Training and Education

Our Valentine’s spotlight for #LovetoLearn could not be an easier choice: Tracy Lendi, Vice President of Training and Education.  Under Tracy’s guidance, the Learning Center has evolved into an international campus for building safety, where you can attend live training- or have the training can come to you.

We spoke with Tracy about the Learning Center, and her role as VP.

AC:         What are your major responsibilities as Vice President, and how do these tie into the Learning Center’s core mission?

TL:          The mission of the Learning Center at ICC is: “Empowering the Building Industry through the design, development and delivery of powerful training initiatives that promote health, safety and the general welfare of the global built environment.”

AC:         How has the Learning Center changed since you came on board?

TL:          In my three years here at ICC there has been a lot of positive movement.

In the sphere of technology, changes included:

  1. A single website that learners go to in order to accomplish scheduling Chapter education benefits and enrolling in an Institute or through the Online Campus all in one place:
  2. A new Learning Management System in order to support and track all types of learning and learner training records
  3. New and updated online courses to be compatible with current browsers
  4. Enhanced and creative technology to give folks multiple delivery options including Web Session, Virtual and Self-Paced Online

In terms of content, major changes included:

  1. A full 2019 Calendar available on the Learning Center website
  2. Training Paths to help folks get to their certification goal
  3. Integration of over 200 new self-paced online courses
  4. Deployment of multiple web session series from the IMC, IPC, Permit Technician, Residential and Leadership

AC:         What has surprised you about this job?

TL:          The amount of growth potential we have in the Learning Center.

AC:         What would you most like our stakeholders (i.e., the public, ICC members, exam candidates) to know about what the Learning Center can offer?

TL:          We offer flexibility to take training in the format that best suits your needs. We will always offer face-to-face training.  But if traveling is not something that works for you, you don’t have to.  A majority of our content is also offered in web session, virtual, or fully self-paced online.  Also, I am only a call away and I would love to help.

AC:         What are some things about you that many people might not know?

TL:          I was not known as a smart kid in high school.  On a dare from friends, I applied to college and based on a letter of recommendation from my employer, I got in.  I had one professor in my first semester who gave me the most valuable skill I have ever received:   the knowledge of learning how I learn.  Once I understood my own learning style I aced the remainder of my college courses and let go of the stigma of not being “smart enough,” which was the most empowering moment of my life because in the place of hopelessness, confidence started to grow.

With that newly found confidence, I was able to do some things I would have never thought possible.  I obtained my Masters in Adult Education, my PhD in Online Learning and my MBA.  I also felt confident enough to share my artistic side by recording two albums, one done in Nashville.

And above all, my greatest joy was adopting my beautiful daughter as a single parent.


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