Membership Councils and Committees

Volunteers are one of the most important assets of the International Code Council. Their work on the Code Council Board of Directors, committees and councils is directly related to the success of the association. It takes the time and expertise of many individuals working through numerous councils and committees to shape it into the world-class membership organization that exists today.

Share your expertise and make sure your voice is heard by participating in the following councils and committees.

Membership Councils

The Membership Councils offer members a place to come together and be a more powerful force shaping your association, your industry, your career and your future. The Code Council Board of Directors is pleased to offer six discipline-specific Membership Councils that will each serve to take your membership and profession to the next level. Share your expertise, voice and vision with your peers – get started today! Click on a council below to learn more about it.

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Major Jurisdiction Council

We encourage all those eligible to join the Major Jurisdiction Council (MJC) and for everyone to participate in our initiatives and contribute their best practices, experiences and opinions. The Council meets twice a year prior to the ICC Committee Action Hearings and during the ICC Annual Conference. The MJC Governing Committee hosts monthly conference calls that are open to the public.

Code Development Committees

The Code Development Committees are an instrumental part of the ICC Code Development Process. There are currently 15 Code Committees, responsible for the review and evaluation of code change proposals submitted to the 13 International Codes.

Standard Development Committees

The Standard Development Committees are an instrumental part of the ICC Standard Development Process. View the Call for Committees page for any current calls for committee membership.

Professional Development Committees

Professional Development Council
The Professional Development Council, which is comprised of two committees, the Education Committee (EC) and Certification Committee (CC), aligns the ICC Education Programs and Certification Programs to ensure that quality training is available to meet the needs of all Members, customers and Certification holders.

Exam Development Committee (EDC)
A small team of individuals entrusted to ensure the certification examinations are valid, reliable, fair, and defensible.