In July 2009, the International Code Council Board of Directors created the Code Development Review Ad Hoc Committee (CDRAC). The Committee was charged with looking at all aspects of the ICC code development process and reporting back to the Board with any recommendations for improvement.

In the spring of 2011, CDRAC presented its report to the ICC Board. At its May meeting in Dallas, the ICC Board endorsed the entire CDRAC report, and initiated the steps necessary to implement any of the recommendations that required Board action. This included changes to ICC policies that were approved by the Board at its October meeting in Phoenix.

The members of CDRAC were:

  • ICC Board Representatives
    • Chair – Cindy Davis, C.B.O.
    • John Darnall, C.B.O.
    • John T. LaTorra
    • William D. Dupler
    • Doug Murdock, C.B.O.
    • Ronald Piester, AIA
    • Adolf A. Zubia
  • Industry Representatives
    • Vice Chair – Jessyca Henderson, AIA, The American Institute of Architects
    • Ron Burton, Building Owners and Managers Association
    • Mike Gardner, Gypsum Association
    • Ron Nickson, National Multi Housing Council
    • Ken Pearson, ASTM
    • Jim Ranfone, American Gas Association
    • Ed Sutton, National Association of Home Builders

Click here to read the final report of the CDRAC Committee.