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Vision 20/20 Offers Free Home Safety Visit Video Guide.  What's involved in doing Home Safety Visits?

You can learn about developing an effective home safety visit program at the Vision 20/20 Guide to Home Safety Visits website.

This site is full of tips, ideas and suggestions, whether you are starting fresh or are looking for ideas on how to improve your existing program.

ICC Announces New Award for Innovation in Code Administration.  The International Code Council (ICC), has announced the creation of a new honor to acknowledge public safety creativity in the built environment: the ICC Government Relations Innovation in Code Administration Award.

The deadline to submit applications for the annual Award is March 31.  Applications must be submitted to the International Code Council, Membership Services, 900 Montclair Road, Birmingham, AL  35213, by email to, by fax 205-591-0775.

Questions about the Award or application process should be submitted to Karla Higgs, vice president Membership Services, 1.888.422.7233, Extension 5268 or

In announcing the award, Dominic Sims, ICC Chief Executive Officer, said it recognizes fire departments and building departments for innovation in the delivery of code administration services in their communities. The award program is sponsored by the International Association of Fire Chiefs-Fire and Life Safety Section, the National Association of State Fire Marshals and the Government Relations Division of the International Code Council.

“Code enforcement is one of the five pillars of community risk reduction: education, enforcement, engineering, economic incentives and emergency response,” said ICC President M. Dwayne Garriss, Georgia state fire marshal.

“Fire and building departments across the country are developing new and innovative approaches to deliver code administration services as part of community risk reduction. These tools and techniques should be shared — and honored — to help reduce risk from death, injury, fires and other natural or man-made disasters.”

Organizations eligible for the award must be a building or fire code organization that provides code administration services to one or more jurisdictions.  This may include fire departments, fire marshal’s offices or building departments charged with code administration.  

The organization must have implemented a unique practice to enhance building or fire code administration services in the community. The practice should have resulted in a positive impact on public and firefighter safety, measurable reduction in deaths, injuries or property damage, and/or the quality, effectiveness or efficiency of code administration services. An organization can nominate itself; individuals are not eligible for this award.

Such recognition is long overdue, said Park City, Utah, Deputy Chief and Fire Marshal Scott Adams, Fire Service Membership Council Governing Committee Chairman. “Building officials and fire marshals work hard to protect public safety and provide citizens good service,” he said. “They should be acknowledged for their work.

Jefferson County, Colorado, Building Official Becky Baker, chair of the Building Official Membership Council, agreed.  “Nearly every jurisdiction that has codes has some creative idea that can be shared with others to improve the level of building safety and make the workforce more effective,” she said. “We hope sharing these ideas will support the process of continuous improvement.”

Applications will be reviewed by a team from the ICC’s Fire Service and Building Official membership councils that provide overarching policy guidance to the Code Council on emerging issues and trends.

Recipients of the annual award will be honored in May during the ICC-sponsored Building Safety Month and at the annual Building Safety Month Reception held in Washington, D.C.

Questions about the award criteria or application process should be submitted to Rob Neale, ICC vice president for Government Relations at 1-888-422-7233, ext. 6256, or by email at

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The next generation of building and fire safety codes will be decided through online voting. The International Code Council’s new cdpACCESS empowers you to vote on these 2018 Group A Codes, even if you can't attend the code hearings.

But first, you must be an ICC Voting Member before March 20th to vote online. Registration for 2015 starts January 1.

     Is your department is an ICC Governmental Member and signed up to vote online?

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For more information, you may contact your state’s ICC Government Relations Representative.

You may also email Governing Committee Members of the ICC Fire Service Membership Council, listed below.

Governing Committee of the ICC Fire Service Membership Council

Scott Adams, Chair, Park City Fire Service District, UT
Gary West, Vice Chair, National Association of State Fire Marshals, TN

Fulton Cochran, Clark County Building and Fire Prevention Department, NV
Sean DeCrane, International Association of Fire Fighters, OH
Michael Desrochers, National Association of State Fire Marshals, VT
Timothy Diehl, City of Rockville, MD
Joseph Fahd, International Association of Fire Chiefs, NY
Jackie Gibbs, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Southeastern Division), GA
Tonya Hoover, Retired
James Maxon, International Association of Fire Chiefs, NM
Randy Metz, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Western Division)
Rick McCullough, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Canadian Division), Canada
George Michehl, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Great Lakes Division), IL
Kelly Nicolello, National Association of State Fire Marshals, AK
Marc Sampson, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Missouri Valley Division), CO
Michael Sinsigalli, International Associateion of Fire Chiefs (New England Division), CT
Adolf Zubia, Clark County Building and Fire Prevention Department, NV

Staff Liaison
Robert Neale, Vice President of National Fire Service Activities, Government Relations

Board Liaison
Jim Brown, ICC Board of Directors

Questions on the Council? Contact Karla Higgs.