Call for Nominations for Award

The Global Membership Council of ICC announces a call for nominations for the Global Membership Award. The award, originally established in 2012 recognizes and honors an extraordinary contribution that furthers the global interests of the ICC and its’ members.

The basis for this award are an exemplary performance by an individual or group in promoting ICC’s global mission; code contributions in authoring an ICC technical publication of global relevance; outstanding leadership in activities in new jurisdictions abroad; contributions in the areas of research or testing that would lead to new publications or new global markets; and/or outstanding service or activity enhancing ICC’s global standing or demonstrated accomplishments in the private and public sectors to advance the ICC mission, vision, and promotion of public safety in the built environment globally.

Past recipients of this award are His Excellency, Ahmed Mohamed Shareef, Undersecretary of the Department of Municipal Affairs, Abu Dhabi, UAE, for being the driving force behind the adoption, development and implementation of the Abu Dhabi Building Codes; Mr. Imad Eldurubi, President of the WOBO for his outstanding leadership and active participation promoting ICC’s core values globally; Dr. Khalid El Zahaby, Chairman of Egypt’s HBRC, for his leadership helping enhance the performance of the building sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt through scientific research, code development and construction materials specifications, Target Corporation and Target Code Compliance Manager Tom Phillips for their leadership and active participation in the development of the Replicable Buildings Guideline and Ms. Evangelina Hirata Nagasako, Technical Director of the National Body of Standardization and Certification for Building and Construction in Mexico, for her efforts to spread ICC’s mission of a safer built environment by sharing her expertise on housing polices, climate change, and sustainable and urban development to a larger global community.

This prestigious award is intended to recognize the contributions of ICC’s members and associates to bringing building safety around the World. If you know of a person or group who have made significant or noteworthy contributions to international building safety, please submit a nomination. See the Guidelines document for further information.

Nomination letters and contact information must be submitted by June 26, 2015, and should be sent to:

Raj Nathan
Head, Global Services
International Code Council
3060 Saturn Street, Suite 100
Brea, CA 92821 U.S.A.

Telephone: +562-699-0541, ext. 3318