Renew Your Membership

Members whose memberships are current can renew their ICC Membership online.

Reinstate Your Membership

Members whose memberships have been canceled can reinstate their memberships. Please download the application for your specific category. Mail or fax your application as stated on the application.

Questions? Call toll free 888-ICC-SAFE (888-422-7233), ext. 33804

If you have had an active membership within 5 years, you may purchase a new membership online, but you will not be eligible for a complimentary code book, even if one is chosen.

Governmental Memberships

Submit ICC Governmental Member Voter Designation

New or revised applications for Governmental Memberships must be submitted 30 days prior to a voting event (committee action hearings, public comment hearings, or Annual Business Meeting) in order to be eligible to vote at that event.

Governmental ICC Members have the ability to designate 4 to 12 voting representatives (total is based on jurisdiction population). These Voting Representatives must be employees or officials of that Governmental Member and are actively engaged full or part-time in the administration, formulation or enforcement of laws, regulations or ordinances relating to public health, safety and welfare.

Governmental Members have voting rights. Read the ICC By-Laws, Articles II and III to learn more.

Be sure you know the upcoming Governmental Member voting deadlines.