May 14, 2019
Apply soon for a Code of Honor Scholarship

If you are an ICC Governmental Member Voting Representative, don't miss your chance to apply for a Code of Honor Scholarship to support your attendance at ICC's Public Comment Hearings, October 23-30, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Applications are being accepted Monday, May 27 until Friday, August 9. Read...Read More

April 23, 2019
Slightly below-average Atlantic hurricane season predicted

Researchers at Colorado State University are predicting a slightly below-average hurricane season this year, with about 13 named storms and five...Read More

April 22, 2019
Code Council external website will be down Tuesday morning

Due to implementation of a homepage redesign, our website will be unavailable from 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, April 23. However, the ICC Store and MyICC will still be...Read More

April 22, 2019
Building Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization meeting

The newest Sustainability Membership Council subcommittee is calling all interested parties and industry experts to attend a new event that will dive into the future of energy efficiency and...Read More

April 19, 2019
PrepTalks: The role of building codes

Code Council Board Director Stuart Tom will speak on the importance of building codes and their role in emergency management at an upcoming PrepTalks Symposium on April...Read More

April 18, 2019
Building Membership Council meeting notice

The Code Council Building Membership Council Governing Committee will hold a meeting on April 28, 2019, in Albuquerque, N.M., during the 2019 committee action hearings. The meeting is open to the...Read More

April 17, 2019
Building Membership Council issues subcommittees call

The Building Membership Council issued a call for its Outreach, Best Practices and Raise the Profile...Read More

April 16, 2019
ANCR launches new committee to develop housing resilience benchmarks

The benchmarks provide U.S. communities guidelines to determine the resilience of their housing stock and cover quantity, affordability, emergency shelters and...Read More

April 16, 2019
Draft ANSI standard available for public review

The ACCA and RESNET have teamed up to create a joint ANSI standard on the evaluation of HVAC installation. RESNET is posting the draft standard 30 days before the formal public review and comment process...Read More

April 15, 2019
Share comments on the 2020 NGBS

The deadline is April 29, 2019, to submit comments to the second draft of the ICC 700-2020 National Green Building...Read More

April 15, 2019
The Code Council Assessment Center receives ANSI accreditation

This accreditation demonstrates excellence in the industry and underscores ICC’s commitment to strong, world-class products and...Read More

April 12, 2019
Solar water heating systems

The latest CodeNotes provides a description of the most common solar water heating systems used for residential and small commercial...Read More

April 11, 2019
Chicago approves building code modernization

The Chicago City Council voted to modernize their building code based on the International Codes, which will advance building safety in Chicago, contribute to creating consistent codes across the state, and help the city and the region attract more...Read More

April 11, 2019
Deadline nears for IS-OSMC applications

The Code Council is accepting applications until April 15, 2019, for the Off-Site and Modular Construction Standard Consensus Committee (IS-OSMC), which will develop two new ICC off-site and modular construction...Read More

April 11, 2019
Tornado safety and recovery

While no structure can be 100-percent tornado-proof, it's critical to ensure homes and businesses have strong roots as tornado season...Read More

April 8, 2019
Take part in keeping communities safe with Building Safety Month

Join a wide variety of public and private organizations this May to create safer communities...Read More

April 8, 2019
Promoting international codes and standards in the Middle East

The Code Council promoted the continued use of its products and services in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia on a recent trade...Read More

April 5, 2019
Deadline nears for IS-OSMC applications

The International Code Council is accepting applications until April 15, 2019, for the Off-Site and Modular Construction Standard Consensus Committee (IS-OSMC), which will develop two new ICC off-site and modular construction...Read More

April 4, 2019
Code Council Consensus Procedures Revised

The Code Council revised its consensus procedures pursuant to American National Standards Institute essential...Read More

April 2, 2019
Significant changes to the I-Codes

New changes address retaining walls, mass walls, vehicle impact protection and reuse of buried drain and sewer...Read More

March 30, 2019
2019 Building Safety Month

Check out the new Building Safety Month website and learn about how you can promote building safety in your...Read More

March 29, 2019
FEMA Pilot Training Course Opportunity

The registration deadline for Federal Emergency Management Agency’s 4-day pilot training course on the E2460 Advanced Building Science Series is Monday, April...Read More

March 29, 2019
February Building Valuation Data Now available

The building valuation data provides the average construction cost per square foot, which can be used to determine permit fees for a...Read More

March 28, 2019
New and Improved myICC

The new myICC portal provides Code Council members with updated features including fast performance, advanced search capabilities and...Read More

March 28, 2019
Deadline for voter validation is March 29

Primary representatives must complete the online validation process by March 29 for their governmental member voting representatives to be eligible to vote at this year’s Online Assembly Floor Motion...Read More

March 27, 2019
PMG Roundtable Discussion: April 27

Join the International Code Council and other plumbing industry experts in a special roundtable discussion on Mitigating Water Leaks in Premise Plumbing Systems in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on April...Read More

March 26, 2019
National Building Code Assessment Report

This report provides a detailed analysis of the current state of commercial and residential property building code adoption and enforcement for communities participating in the Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule...Read More

March 25, 2019
Call for Award Nominations

The Innovation in Code Administration Award recognizes fire and building organizations for innovation in the delivery of code administration services in their...Read More

March 22, 2019
ICC supports access to safe and abundant water on World Water Day

The global campaign focuses on ensuring that clean water is available to...Read More

March 21, 2019
CROSQ, ICC, ASHRAE release new energy efficiency standards

The new codes will help Member States improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and support energy conservation...Read More

March 20, 2019
ICC-ES, DIBt & CABR sign Memorandum of Understanding

The trilateral Memorandum of Understanding helps to streamline the evaluation processes for manufacturers in North America, the European Union and...Read More

March 19, 2019
2019 Committee Action Hearings

The code development hearings in April provide all interested parties an opportunity to review proposed changes to the 2021...Read More

March 18, 2019
Call for Committee

The deadline to apply for the ICC Off-Site and Modular Construction Standard Consensus Committee is April...Read More

March 15, 2019
Code Council releases shipping container guidelines

The 2019 Guideline for the Safe Use of ISO Intermodal Shipping Containers Repurposed as Buildings and Building Components provides an overview of how to design, review and approve repurposed shipping...Read More

March 13, 2019
ICC and CSA Group publish new standard

The new binational Rainwater Harvesting Systems Standard sets guidelines for the safe implementation of rainwater harvesting components and systems in the U.S. and...Read More

March 12, 2019
Code Council Joins Modular Building Revolution

As use of off-site construction grows, the Code Council partners with industry leader to develop new...Read More