Deliver the Most Detailed and Precise Plan Reviews in the Building Industry

The International Code Council (ICC)…The publisher of the I-Codes®

From high-rise commercial buildings and retail facilities to residential developments, schools, hospitals and civic institutions, no other plan review service has as much expertise in ALL the International Codes® (I-Codes®) as the code experts at ICC Plan Review Services.

No plan review is too complex or too large for the code experts of ICC’s Plan Review Services. That’s why state and local government agencies, architects and building professionals turn to ICC for the most accurate code analysis in the country. Our team of plan reviewers are nationally certified, including inspector, plan examiner, and master code professionals across all disciplines. In addition we have numerous state specific certifications, as well as support staff including professional engineers licensed in all 50 states who understand the ICC International and legacy model codes better than any other plan review service in the building industry.

Dedicated to delivering the highest quality plan reviews in the industry, ICC Plan Review Services offer turnaround times that are coordinated with the permit application processes.

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Codes Reviewed

  • ICC International Codes (except Performance Code)
  • State and local amendments based on the I-Codes

Disciplines Reviewed

  • Building (structural and nonstructural)
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Energy Conservation
  • Accessibility
  • Fire protection systems (includes sprinklers)

Customizable Plan Review Options

No job is too small or too large for ICC Plan Review Services

Limited-Scope Plan Review/Technical Consulting Services

In addition to Plan Review Services, ICC also offers Technical Consulting. Whenever questions arise related to the technical aspects of the ICC International Codes or other related code

issues, ICC’s professional staff is available to provide necessary technical expertise including evaluations of specific code topics as applied to a project, or special studies of particular building components, characteristics or applications. This service is billed at an hourly rate of $150 per hour for ICC Members and $200 per hour for non-members. The minimum fee is one (1) hour.

Preliminary Plan Review Services

Designed to offer critical information for further plan development, a Preliminary Plan Review is performed when construction documents are still in the initial stages of development. This review is ideal for fast-track projects or foundation permit requests where a complete set of building plans and specifications are not available. This service includes the review of initial design code compliance including use and occupancy classification, type of construction, height and area calculations, means of egress, fire-resistance construction requirements and foundation design.

Complete Plan Review Services

With this service, plan reviewers perform a comprehensive review of design drawings and specifications to the disciplines requested. These include:

  • Detailed checklist of code compliance and violations
  • Follow-up consultations throughout construction
  • One complimentary re-review of reissued plans

Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Send the required plans, specifications and other design documents along with an authorization for ICC to perform the plan
  2. Within 15 to 20 working days, ICC will respond with a comprehensive plan review report and checklist.
  3. If necessary, send the revised drawings with resolutions to the code deficiencies to ICC for a complimentary re-review.

Fee Schedule Form

In addition to being the most detailed and precise in the industry, ICC Plan Reviews are competitively priced. Fees are based on the estimated construction value in accordance with the Building Valuation Data. To view current Building Valuation Data, visit www.iccsafe.org/bvd. For an estimate of Plan Review fees for a specific project, please contact ICC directly.

Transmittal Form and Requirements

To request an ICC Plan Review, complete the transmittal form and send the necessary documents for review. Alternatively, applicants may send a letter of authorization with the Plan Review submittal. Be sure to outline the applicable code series, discipline and edition year to be reviewed as well as information about local amendments that modify the applicable code requirements (if any) with a directive to incorporate the amendments into the designated plan review. All forms mentioned above are available on our website at www.iccsafe.org/prform.

Hassle-Free Billing & No Deposits

Upon completion of the plan review, billing is sent to the applicant unless otherwise directed.

Contact Information

Submit your plans and any questions about ICC’s Plan Review Services regarding plan review fees, turnaround time, or document submission to:

Plan Review Services

Ph: 574-773-7975 ask for Plan Review

Email: planreviewportal@iccsafe.org

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