World Water Awareness

Stand Up for Prioritizing Access to Clean Water in Local Communities

2023 continued to reveal growing strains on the world's water supply. The warning signs of an existential crisis are becoming more apparent. More information is urgently needed from experts to help persuade government officials and business leaders to take immediate action and work together to implement sustainable solutions.

To help inform the water policy landscape and advance key funding decisions, join the International Code Council in raising awareness around these vital issues, advocating for sustainable practices, and engaging local communities.

Show your support by filling this form to add your jurisdiction/organization’s name/logo to the sign-on letter to elected officials seeking their prioritization of access to clean water. Your engagement will help amplify this important message to conserve and protect our global water supply.


Thank you to those listed below for seeking prioritization of access to clean water

The IBIS Group

James McClister

Town of Holden, Maine

Town of Cumberland, Maine

MG Engineering DPC