As an ANSI Accredited standards developing organization, the Code Council is developing New ICC 1300-202x, Standard for the Vulnerability-Based Seismic Assessment and Retrofit of One- and Two-Family Dwellings.   This committee has the primary responsibility for the development of minimum requirements to safeguard the public health, safety, general welfare by providing a methodology for the identification, evaluation and retrofit of specific known vulnerabilities for one- and two-family wood light-frame dwellings up to 2 stories in height located in Seismic Design Categories B through E.  This includes the use of the best available seismic numerical modeling tools and engineering practices to assist in development of assessment methods and to identify retrofit criteria to best achieve targeted performance objectives.  Use of the provisions is anticipated to improve earthquake performance but is not necessarily intended to prevent earthquake damage. Also included is the evaluation and retrofit of masonry chimneys attached to 3 story buildings.


The Residential Seismic Assessment and Retrofit Standard Consensus Committee (IS-RSARC) was appointed by the ICC Board of Directors in June 2020 and has primary responsibility for the development as an American National Standard.  All standards development is subject to ICC's ANSI Approved Consensus Procedures.


Applications to serve on the committee were received on February 25, 2020 for the ICC Board of Directors consideration in response to a call for committee in January 2020.

The Code Council adheres to openness and transparency in our Standards development process. All ICC Standards committee meetings are open to the public.  Any interested party can participate in committee meetings and can be considered by the committee for membership on any work-group that the committee creates.  Interested parties will be notified by email of standards activities related to IS-RSARC, including committee meetings, sub-group meetings and the availability of standard development documentation.  If you wish to be placed on the “interested parties” list for the development of these standards, please email the IS-RSARC, ICC Secretariat Samhar Hoz at


The date for the first public meeting of the IS RSARC committee will be forthcoming.  The meeting will include orientation for the committee members as well as election of the chair and vice-chair.