Certification of Personnel

The Code Council offers certification programs for inspectors, examiners, contractors and trades to the PMG codes.

Product Certification through ICC-ES

The ICC-ES PMG Listing Program helps manufacturers demonstrate whether products comply with PMG codes and applicable standards. The ICC-ES program provides comprehensive coverage of codes and standards as well as compliance with the IgCC (International Green Construction Code) and green rating systems, WaterSense, ICC-ES Evaluation Guidelines and even Canadian accreditation.

PMG Code Technical Opinions

Staff Code Opinions and Committee Interpretations are intended to provide technical support and clarification of code text for adopting jurisdictions, design professionals, and members of the construction industry. Please note that Technical Opinions on codes and standards are an exclusive benefit of Code CouncilMembership.

Get Involved

The Code Council operates a number of committees and councils related to the development and maintenance of codes and standards. There are several that relate specifically to the PMG International Codes (IPC, IMC, IFGC, ISPSC, IRC-P).

  • PMG Membership Council (PMGMC)
  • PMG Code Action Committee (PMGCAC)
  • Technical Code Development Consensus Committees