What to Expect at a Computer-Based Exam on Test Day

Examinees are responsible for arriving at the exam site on the proper date, at the proper time, and with proper identification.  You should determine in advance the exact location of the test site, how to get there, and how much time it will take you to get to the site. Examinations will be given only on the date and time scheduled. Please note: if you are taking a computer-based exam, your Pearson VUE confirmation letter automatically adds 30 minutes to the actual exam time for you to complete the tutorial and exit surveys.

Please arrive at the test site with required reference(s), if desired, for use during the exam. Required examination references are listed with the examination outlines found in this bulletin. References for examinations are not supplied by the Code Council or the testing center.

Examinees must know, understand, and adhere to all of the regulations governing Code Council examinations as listed in this bulletin.

Arrive at the exam site at least 30 minutes before the examination is scheduled to begin. Remember, it is your responsibility to already be familiar with the regulations governing Code Council examinations.


Bring Proper Identification:

The name on the exam reservation must match the name on the ID provided. If it does not, you will not be allowed to test, and will forfeit your exam fee. Neither the Code Council nor Pearson VUE can make an exception to this policy. If you are unable to present identification as required by the Code Council and Pearson VUE, or have questions about what will be allowed, you must call Pearson VUE prior to your scheduled exam to make other arrangements.

You must have your government-issued photo identification ready to show the proctor. Examples include a driver’s license or a passport.

The identification must:

  • have the same legal first name and last name that matches your exam record
  • not be expired
  • have a signature

Before the Exam:

Watch this short video: What to expect in a Pearson VUE test center.

The examination proctor will check your identification, have you sign in, and may assign you a seat. The examination proctor will explain the procedures for taking the examination; answer questions related to taking the exam and provide notification to begin the examination.

Metal detectors may be randomly used to search examinees entering and/or leaving the exam room. You will be asked to empty all of your pockets and place personal items in a locker. Proctors may inspect all materials an examinee carries into and from the exam room. If your reference materials do not meet test site regulations (relating to tabs, pencil notes, etc.), you will not be allowed to take these references into the exam room. You will still be allowed to test, but without these materials. 

During the Exam:

The Code Council randomly videotapes examination sessions.

You are not allowed to write or mark in or on your reference books during the examination.  The proctor will give you a whiteboard and markers for use during the exam.

While the examination is being administered, you are not allowed to leave the building and return to the exam room. If you wish to leave the exam room for any reason, you must receive permission from the proctor and turn in all of your examination materials and references to the proctor. Only one examinee at a time is allowed outside the exam room, and you are not allowed additional test time for time spent outside the exam room.  The exam countdown clock will not stop during any absence from your seat.

You are not allowed to communicate, verbally or nonverbally, with other candidates during the examination, and you may not  share references.

It is highly recommended that if you are taking a computer-based exam, especially for the first time, you complete the tutorial available to you at the beginning of your exam. The time spent on the tutorial does not count against your exam time. You will receive important information about how to keep track of your time remaining, how to mark items for review, where to find the number of the question you are on, and more.

For electronically administered examinations, there is an optional clock on the computer that counts down to display the time remaining. (Information on turning on the clock is available in the tutorial prior to the exam.) When the time limit is up for the examination, the computer will end the test.

After the Exam:

If you pass your examination, you cannot retake the examination you passed except as necessary for recertification. If you do not pass your examination and wish to comment on your experience, please visit our Candidate Services page.