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Part I. General Information

1. Below is a list of the ICC Exam Development Committees (EDC).

AS – Accessibility EDC
CBO – Certified Building Officials EDC
CB – Commercial Building EDC
CFA – Commercial Fire Alarm EDC
E – Electrical EDC
EN – Energy EDC
F – Fire Service EDC
FS – Fire Sprinkler EDC
GB – Green Building/IgCC EDC
SSW – Structural Steel/Welding EDC
M – Mechanical EDC
PT – Permit Technician EDC
P – Plumbing/Fuel Gas EDC
PF – Portable/Pre-Engineered Fire Extinguisher EDC
PMH – Property Maintenance and Housing /Zoning EDC
RPC – Reinforced/Pre-Stressed Concrete EDC
RB – Residential Building EDC
EC – Soils Special Inspector EDC
SM – Structural Masonry EDC

(Acronyms may be used.)

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2.Applicant Information

PART II. Background and Experiences

Organization/Committee Dates of Years of Service
Name and Location of School Course of Study Degree of Certificate Date of Completion
Employer Type of Work Date of Employment

5. Check all ICC certification/combination designations you currently hold:

Considerable effort, devotion and hard work will be expected of each **Exam Development Committee (EDC) member. EDC membership carries an obligation to participate actively in all work of the EDC including the contribution and generation of information, prompt reply to draft reports and ballots, attendance and participation at EDC meetings and prompt completion of assigned tasks.
I hereby agree to notify the International Code Council (ICC) of a change in any of the information provided in this application including change in employment. I agree to abide by the rules and policies of the ICC. I agree that ICC shall have nonexclusive, royalty-free license to use any material that I may provide to or develop for the Committee. I attest that all the information provided in this application for committee membership is true and accurate.
For more information on the Exam Development Committee (EDC), please visit and click on the “snapshot” link for more information on current openings, application deadlines and other EDC related questions.

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** NOTE: The members of the Exam Development Committees (EDC) are appointed by the Certification Committee (CC), a branch of the Professional Development Council (PDC).
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