Digital Badging

Showcase your accomplishments

The Code Council is offering a new and innovative way to share your credentials. Share your credentials where they will be seen most!

A Digital Badge represents an authenticated accomplishment, skill, or participation. The badge is housed and managed online. Much like a traditional physical badge or certificate the digital badge is used as a display to validate your credential and engage conversation among peers and employers.

Display Your Badge Proudly on:

  • Your Resume

  • Social Media

  • Web Page

  • Your eMail Signature

  • Any digital platform where you want to be noticed!


Available Badges

How do I access my badge?

  1. Log in to your myICC account
  2. Click on MY CERTIFICATION (All available certification badges will be found here)
  3. Click on the badge and download

How do I share my badge?

  1. Downloaded the badge (per instructions above)
  2. The badge page will have a "share badge" button at the top right corner of the page, click on button
  3. A screen will come up that gives you various options for sharing
  4. Instructions on how to share your badge in an email signature
  5. Get more information on sharing