Must-Have Training for Leaders

Training brought to you by the International Code Council Past Presiding Officers

If you aspire to hold a leadership role, have recently assumed one, or want to refresh your leadership skills; this leadership training has something for you! Advance your career, skills and mindset to become the most effective leader you can be while developing a plan to get even better!

Essential Skills for Rising Leaders Seminar:
Chicago, IL | June 3
Virtual | August 13
Virtual | November 18

Get Connected | May 21

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say | June 24

The Courageous Leader | July 16

Challenging Discussions | August 11

Building Your Bench | September 17

Public Speaking | October 21

Coaching for Success | November 19

Public Speaking for the Code Official | December 21

The Learning Center at the International Code Council (ICC) provides additional training to building safety, fire, design, and construction professionals on how best to apply and enforce the codes. Stay on the leading edge of the industry while earning valuable CEUs and developing your professional skills.