I’m a student. What’s in the program for me?

In addition to explaining how things are done, HSTTP will also teach you why things are done a certain way. This deeper understanding will help every contractor in the country stand behind their work and guarantee its safety.

Many contractors learned the code the hard way—when an inspector came in and explained their work was done incorrectly and needed to be fixed. Learning the codes in school gives you a competitive edge from your first day on the job site.

Additional benefits of HSTTP:

  • You will learn up-to-date code knowledge and technical training that go hand-in-hand with practical training for the workplace.
  • You will be better prepared to pursue career and college opportunities.
  • Having a technical code background will help open the door to many career opportunities including code administration.
  • Students who complete all four parts (i.e. earn four certificates of achievement) will have a valuable head start when sitting for the ICC National Residential Building Inspector Certification exam. In most areas, this certification is required to obtain a residential building inspector position.

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Throughout the United States, various higher education institutions offer courses and degree programs relating to inspection and code administration. ICC does not endorse any of the classes or programs listed below; this information is provided as a professional resource. If there is an institution that does not appear in any of the above lists that is offering courses or degree programs in inspection or code administration please contact us.