Online Proctored Exam Administration

Online Proctored Exam Administration

Online Proctored Exam Administration

Exam Administration Process for Proctored Online Testing Option (PRONTO)

1. You will register for an exam via myICC and pay for it via the ICC Store.

How to Register for a PRONTO exam

How to Register for a PRONTO Exam

There are multiple ways to purchase a computer-based or PRONTO exam; this is the easiest method.

    1. Search for the exam you wish to take in the Catalog Search. Once you have located your exam, click the green "Register" button
    2. Choose the Code Cycle and the Exam Format (the method you wish to take your exam) and click on the "Add to Cart" button
      • Choosing a Code Cycle will reveal which Exam Formats are available under that code year.
      • Exam Formats are available either as Computer-based (PearsonVUE) or PRONTO (online proctored testing).
    3. Click on "Add to Cart"
    4. You will be taken to your Shopping Cart screen where you can either continue shopping, update your cart, or proceed to checkout and follow steps to complete purchasing your exam
    5. Once you have purchased your exam, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to go back to myICC
    6. Once back in myICC, click on the Exams tab, then "My Exams"
    7. For PRONTO exams (listed in My Exams as "Pronto"), click on the icon under Action – only when you’re ready to take the exam: you’ll be connected to a live proctor in less than 15 minute
    8. You’ll be taken to the PRONTO landing page; click the box to agree to the terms – you can also get to technical support, test your system from this page before proceeding with the exam, or go through the tutorial [highly recommended]

2. After the exam has been successfully granted, you will select the "Take Exam" button in myICC in order to launch the exam on-demand.

3. You will be connected to a live, online proctor, who will ask to see the front and back of your approved identification to authenticate.

4. The proctor will ask you to conduct a full scan of the room with your webcam (ceiling, floor, 360-degrees, etc.); if unauthorized material is seen, proctor will direct you to remove these (including cell phones). You must be in an enclosed room with no other individuals present in the room. The online proctor is available throughout the duration of the exam via live chat and video.

5. The online proctor will also do a desktop scan of your computer to ensure any third-party applications or windows outside of the exam are closed and will not be accessed during the exam.

6. After the authentication process, approval of area, approval of the desktop and confirmation of the exam to be taken, you may begin the exam.

7. The proctor will then launch the exam interface and will remain connected via webcam, audio and text throughout the duration of the exam. If the proctor notices errant behavior, the proctor can pause the exam and either notify you to stop or can discontinue the exam.

8. At end of exam, you will click the “Submit Exam” button in order to complete their exam. You will then receive immediate feedback on the pass/fail result of the exam. The proctor will then close the exam window and disconnect from your computer.

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