Webinar: A Preview of the 2021 IBC

The 2021 IBC has been finalized but not published yet. It will come out in the Fall of this year. This seminar provides a preview of the changes from the 2018 to the 2021 IBC. ASCE 7-16 remains the reference standard for design loads; however, Supplement No. 1 to ASCE 7-16 is adopted. This supplement is explained at the seminar. The design load combinations will no longer be in the IBC, except for the alternative basic ASD load combinations. For everything else, a reference is made to ASCE 7-16. Significant changes in Chapter 17, Special Inspections and Tests, and Chapter 18, Soils and Foundations, are discussed. The reference standard for concrete design and construction is updated to ACI 318-19. The very significant and substantive changes in this standard are outlined. The other major standard update is that the 2015 edition of the Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic has been replaced by the 2021 edition.