2015 IBC Special Topics Day 2 Seminar

This course has two sessions; the morning and afternoon session. The morning session is 2015 IBC Exit Systems and the afternoon session is 2015 IBC Exterior Wall and Opening Protection.

AM SESSION – 2015 IBC Exit Systems:This seminar addresses the provisions of Chapter 10 of the 2015 International Building Code® (IBC®) regarding specific aspects of the means of egress, those components regulated as exits. Specific topics include:
Means of egress components that are defined as exits
Required exit elements
Specific technical criteria for exits
Regulation of the exit discharge system
PM SESSION – 2015 IBC Exterior Wall and Opening Protection:This seminar addresses the various provisions in the IBC dealing with exterior wall design and construction. Although such walls are primarily regulated due to their location on the lot, many other additional requirements are set forth in the code. Exterior bearing walls are regulated by Table 601, while the use of exterior exit stairways, exit courts and exterior areas of assisted rescue will also typically mandate some degree of fire-resistance. Specific topics include:
Fire separation distance
Location on lot
Multiple buildings on the same lot
Type of construction
Combustible materials on exterior side of wall
Exitways, including exterior exit stairways, exit courts, interior exit stairways and exterior balconies
Exterior areas of assisted rescue
Fire wall termination

2015 IBC Special Topics – Day 1 Seminar

This course has two sessions; the morning and afternoon session. The morning session is 2015 IBC Mixed Occupancies and the afternoon session is 2015 IBC Special Building Types and Features.

AM SESSION – 2015 IBC Mixed Occupancies Based on the provisions of IBC Section 508, this seminar addresses those special requirements applicable to buildings containing two or more occupancy classifications. The three mixed-occupancy options are presented along with examples and exercises that illustrate the proper application of the provisions. Specific topics include:
Occupancy classification
Mixed occupancy conditions
Accessory occupancies
Nonseparated occupancies
Separated occupancies
Multi-story conditions
PM SESSION – 2015 IBC Special Building Types and Features Based on selected provisions from Chapter 4, this seminar focuses on several special building types and features. High-rise buildings, underground buildings, parking garages are specialized buildings that have their own unique considerations. Atriums, stages and platforms are building features that are evaluated in a special manner due to the hazards involved. The special detailed requirements and allowances set forth throughout Chapter 4 address a variety of uses and occupancies. Specific topics include:
High-rise buildings
Underground buildings
Covered and Open Mall Buildings
Parking garages
Aircraft hangars
Stages and platforms

2018 IBC Means of Egress Seminar

This seminar addresses numerous provisions in the 2018 International Building Code® (IBC®) where the code contains requirements pertaining to establishing a means of egress in buildings.The course is intended to help plan reviewer or building code officials responsible for plan review identify those areas where plan review will include compliance with the IBC. During this training, participants will listen to lecture and view examples, as well as discuss sections of the IBC that pertain to means of egress. They will participate in activities that involve a set of plans.

VIRTUAL CLASSROOM OPTION NOW AVAILABLE This event is part of the Learning Center`s new virtual classroom! The virtual classroom is an accessible alternative to obtaining quality, live instruction without the need to travel at all! That`s right!  The virtual classroom allows you to attend live training events from the comfort of your own home or office.