Leadership Webinar: Making a Difference

Being an effective leader is critical, especially when it comes to leading a team. This webinar will provide an overview of leadership principles and foundational leadership skills, which prove effective, for leading an organization, particularly in the building safety industry.

Leadership Webinar: Mastering the Art of Mentorship

Leadership is hard and trying to do it all by yourself is a recipe for disaster. To be successful you need help from a mentor and you need to pass on your knowledge by being a mentor. All great leaders have mentors and are mentors. Success is a group effort and mentoring helps everyone to be more successful. Learn the keys to mastering the art of mentorship in this webinar. Join Dwayne Garriss, Georgia State Fire Marshal and past presiding officer of ICC, for a presentation to learn about improving your mentorship skills.

Leadership Webinar: Public Speaking for the Code Official

Most people report that public speaking is one of their greatest fears. And yet the ability to speak publicly is one of the most valued skills today, especially in the building safety industry. This webinar will discuss techniques for communicating with the public and the media in an effective, ethical manner. This webinar will also discuss techniques that can be used in your every day communication and report writing that can help keep you out of the courtroom.

Essential Skills for Rising Leaders Seminar

If you aspire to hold a leadership role or have recently assumed one, now is the time to build upon your skill set. This interactive workshop will help learners gain valuable insights and take your skills up a few notches. This training will help you be the best leader you can be while also providing you the tools to develop a plan for getting even better!

Leadership Webinar: Coaching for Success

Coaching is an important skill for leaders because it is through coaching that staff develop the skill sets that will contribute most to both individual and organizational success. Good coaching inspires individuals to grow and stay focused on their goals and in turn, it teaches them how to be good coaches to others. But without the right mindset, successful coaching is difficult at best. This webinar will talk about what defines good coaching, the benefits of good coaching, techniques of good coaching and how to develop a coaching mindset in yourself and your department.

Leadership Webinar: Public Speaking

Most people report that public speaking is one of their greatest fears. And yet the ability to speak publically is one of the most valued skills today. This webinar will discuss ways to ease your anxiety, develop your confidence, keep your audience engaged and give you tips for creating an effective presentation. This webinar will increase your communication skills and build your confidence so you can speak effectively in public with ease and grace.

Leadership Webinar Series: Building Your Bench

Statistics indicate that there is currently a talent shortage. This is causing organizations to look for new ways to “future-proof“ their work forces in order to retain sufficient talent to be able to meet their strategic objectives. This webinar will discuss ways to overcome the obstacle of a talent shortage, as well as discuss the generation gap and offer suggestions on how to bridge that gap.

Leadership Webinar Series: Challenging Discussions

We have all needed to have a conversation that we don’t want to have. Nobody likes having a difficult discussion but unfortunately, it’s something that we all need to deal with. Challenging discussion are a fact of life. Having difficult conversations may never be easy, but there are ways to make those conversations both productive and less painful. Join us for an engaging webinar to learn more about how to conquer these challenging discussions as well as conversations associated with administering and enforcing building safety codes.

Leadership Webinar Series: The Courageous Leader

There are quite a few attributes and skill sets that make up being a great leader. However, one of the most important attributes in leadership is courage. You need to have the courage to take on your responsibilities, to take a strong stance on tough topics, to speak up despite the opposition as well as dealing with the consequences. The truth is, being a great leader often implies having to face difficulties and challenges and you need courage to overcome those difficulties and to meet the many challenges that will come your way! In this webinar, we will discuss how to develop courage and the resources to support you in your journey.