Officer Safety Procedures: Hazmat, Hoarding & Joint Enforcement Safety – Virtual Training

Officer safety in the field is imperative and today`s world is more complicated than ever! It is vital to know when to call for assistance and what protocols should be used. This class will give an overview of how to safely approach properties while conducting enforcement inspections. Discussion will include how to properly conduct inspections in situations where hoarding has created a hazard that affect snot just the occupant and the public, but also the inspector performing the inspection and the role of the code enforcement officer when conducting joint enforcement inspections with other departments such as police, fire, building, Adult/Child Protective Services as well as other enforcement agencies. Discussion will also include how to assess if joint enforcement is needed and how to successfully plan for joint enforcement (Agency Assist).

Code Enforcement Webinar: Officer Safety in Hazardous Buildings

Compliance inspections encompass a variety of complaints. Some of those complaints may include dilapidated structures. It is important for code enforcement officers to recognize building hazards so as to prevent injury to oneself. This course will look at what may constitute a building hazard in a structure and help assist the code officer with safety protocols.