Exam Development & Study Tips

From Exam Development

to Exam Day


Here's how we develop our exams

and some best practices

for studying before AND during test day!


How Exams are Developed


Exam Questions

Exam questions are developed by the EDC based on the first printing of the code book.


All exam questions are presented in a four-option, multiple choice format, with one option on each question scored as correct.


While your exam will have content based on building codes, here are a few examples of how the questions are structured in the exam (with answers in bold):

What sea creature has eight legs?

A. A whale

B. A dolphin

C. An octopus

D. A crocodile

Given: A scientist needs to research colors not visible in a rainbow.

The scientist would need to research which color?

A. Red

B. Teal

C. Indigo

D. Yellow

All of the following are planets except:

A. Mars.

B. Orion.

C. Jupiter.

D. Mercury.

Studying for Your Code Council Exam

Strategies During your Exam

Everyone differs in how they approach an exam.

No matter how you tackle the test, here are some tips we recommend:

Beyond the Exam

A few tips that go beyond basic studying and test-taking:

When you complete your daily studying goals, give yourself a treat. Even if you haven't taken the test yet, it's good to reward yourself for making the effort of studying for a major exam.

Proctored Remote Online Testing (PRONTO)

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We've upgraded PRONTO's proctoring service in our commitment to improving your testing experience.

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Taking your next ICC certification exam is now more convenient, more comfortable and more efficient than ever before. With ICC PRONTO, you can take many of ICC’s national certification exams online, at your convenience, from any secure location.

ICC is the first building safety professional credentialing organization to offer secured online proctored exams—part of our commitment to ensuring our members have access to the latest technology-based solutions to help building and code professionals succeed and advance.

ICC PRONTO provides an additional option for your certification exam needs. Computer-based testing exams will continue to be available at testing centers throughout the country. Pricing for exams is consistent across all testing formats.

What is PRONTO?

PRONTO is an industry-leading, secure exam delivery service. Plan your exam for the day and time most convenient for you—PRONTO is available 24/7—and know your results immediately upon exam completion. All PRONTO exams feature advanced exam security features so you can be confident in the integrity of the testing process and exam results.

Take your ICC Certification exam from any secure location with highspeed internet access.
With advanced exam security features you can be confident in the integrity of the testing process and exam results.
Plan your exam for the day and time most convenient for you—PRONTO is available 24/7.
Eliminate the waiting period and know your results immediately upon exam completion.

[email protected] recognizes jurisdictions that establish a dedicated ICC PRONTO testing area on-site.

By creating a space where employees can complete their proctored remote online test, jurisdictions demonstrate their commitment to building safety and their employees’ professional development. They also limit the time out of office necessitated by computer–based testing, which must be taken at approved ICC testing centers.

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Available Exams

We have 80+ PRONTO exams currently available only under the 2015 & 2018* code years. Review available PRONTO exams** or browse the full exam catalog.

*FE, FN, & FK exams are under No Code Year

**as of September 1, 2020 

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