Digital Transformation for Community Development and Regulation


In addition to developing model codes and standards used in the design, building and compliance process, the International Code Council now offers software solutions that allow Building Departments and Code Enforcement officers to streamline and track information associated with the inspection and compliance process.

The Code Council is now a Solution Provider for Municity® (building & permitting software) and Laserfiche® (records management software).

Municity® Building & Permitting Software

If you manage code enforcement, permitting, inspections, planning, or public works, ICC Community Development Solutions can help streamline and track your information. Our solutions make it easier to get work done faster. We will migrate your information to Municity® – a single, hosted system that your users can access, and where you can coordinate all of your community development services.


Municity was recently named The Best Code Enforcement Software by NimbleGov. Learn more about this.

Roseburg, OR
Dover, NY

Join us for a Municity webinar

This high-level overview of Municity introduces you to all of the features, tools, and benefits available to improve your Code Enforcement processes.

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Remote Virtual Inspections (RVI)

Coming soon!

Laserfiche® Records Management

In addition to streamlining your land management processes, a Laserfiche solution can assist with all of your documents and records, giving you the ability to search, retrieve, and share files. And, you can automate processes to save time and increase efficiency.

Join us for a Laserfiche webinar

Are you ready to digitize your office, find your necessary documents with a simple search, and reduce storage space costs? This beginner webinar will take you through the basic tools offered by Laserfiche software, giving a cursory overview of all the possibilities.

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