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Mar 19 - Mar 23, 2018
EduCode 2018 features highly specialized courses for working professionals, including architectural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and...

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March 16, 2018
Come visit ICC at the OBOA/NWOBOA Joint Conference! In addition to having the latest Ohio Codes and support tools, we’ll be spotlighting ICC’s recent acquisition of General Code, an eCode publisher and enterprise content management...
March 16, 2018
Did you wait until the last day? All ICC Primary Representatives must validate their GMVRs by today, March 16, to participate in the Online Committee Action Hearings Assembly Floor Motion Vote that follows the CAH....
March 16, 2018
Engage in our live webinar on the Principles of Building Safety on April 4 at 12pm CST. Learn unique safety concepts while addressing the principles and science behind code provisions. Ask questions of our expert...
March 15, 2018
Tennessee governor issues proclamation announcing that “Building Codes Save Lives!” NAHB and many others pledge their support for the 38th annual Building Safety Month campaign: #ICCBSM18 #codeheroes #buildingsafety
March 14, 2018
This Plumbing Manufacturers International (Safe Plumbing) “Just the Facts” content provides answers to several key questions about Legionella and its potential effects on water supply systems. Your can read their Legionella content:here:

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