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A Building Official manages the development, administration, interpretation, application and enforcement of the codes adopted by their jurisdiction.

A Building Inspector inspects structures to determine compliance with the various Building Codes and Standards adopted by the jurisdiction.

A Fire Marshal develops and delivers Fire Prevention and implements Public Fire Safety Programs that provide for inspections of occupancies for life safety and fire issues in accordance with Codes and Standards adopted by their jurisdiction.

A Fire Inspector evaluates compliance with means of egress and fire protection requirements for inspected occupancies and identifies any deficiencies.

A Plumbing Inspector inspects the installation, maintenance and alteration of plumbing systems complete with their fixtures, equipment, accessories, and appliances.

A Mechanical Inspector inspects the installation, maintenance, and alteration of mechanical systems that control environmental conditions and related processes within a building.

An Energy Inspector inspects the installation, maintenance and alteration of building envelope components and mechanical, lighting and power systems to determine compliance with energy efficiency requirements.

An Electrical Inspector inspects the installation or alteration of electrical systems indoors and outdoors including services, conductors, equipment, components, fixtures, appliances, devices, and electrical accessories.

A Special Inspector provides a specialized inspection of structural material fabrication and placement, such as poured concrete, structural steel installation and fasteners, etc.

A Plans Examiner reviews submitted plans for any structure of any occupancy classification to determine if they meet the requirements of the various Building Codes and Standards adopted by the jurisdiction.

A Permit Technician assists in the issuance of construction and development permits to ensure compliance with the provisions of a jurisdiction’s adopted regulations and codes.





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