Emory R. Rodgers
Leadership in Building Safety Fellowship



Emory R. Rodgers spent more than four decades devoting himself to the building safety profession and to the creation and ongoing development of the International Codes. As a leader in the industry and in the Code Council community, he put forth unprecedented efforts in educating and preparing the next generation of building safety professionals.

During his lifetime, Emory was recognized by numerous organizations for his contributions to building safety, including the Virginia Building and Code Officials Association, American Institute of Architects and National Institute of Building Sciences. He also received the prestigious Bobby J. Fowler Award, recognizing his visionary leadership as a Past Presiding Officer of the Code Council.  To commemorate his everlasting influence as a mentor and adviser, the International Code Council created the Emory R. Rodgers Leadership in Building Safety Fellowship.

This Fellowship is available annually to a building safety professional, who has embarked upon a demonstrated executive-level career path, and wants to further develop leadership skills through an eligible executive development program. The Fellowship will afford up to $20,000 dollars to cover the full cost of the educational program and the award recipient’s travel to and from the program.

Eligible Programs

Fellowship applicants may submit any executive development program to khiggs@iccsafe.org for Code Council staff’s consideration and approval. Examples of eligible programs include those hosted by higher education institutions that focus on executive-level training, strategic management, leadership development, and/or other similar concentrations. Beyond covering the cost of the program, the Code Council has no involvement in an eligible program’s curriculum or schedule.

Applicant Evaluation

The Code Council’s Professional Development Council (PDC) will serve as the body that initially evaluates all Fellowship applications. Upon its review of all applications, the PDC will create a short list of its recommended award recipients and submit this short list through the CEO to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee will then evaluate the PDC’s recommendations and select the final award recipient, if any.

The following evaluation criteria shall be taken into consideration by the PDC and subsequently by the Executive Committee during the evaluation process for each applicant:

  • The candidate’s possession of a minimum of two ICC certifications and five years in a building safety profession.
  • The candidate’s career accomplishments, awards, and/or recognition that demonstrate leadership abilities in a building safety role.
  • The candidate’s proof of application and acceptance into an eligible Code Council-staff approved executive development program.
  • The candidate’s submission of at least three recommendation letters from an immediate supervisor and other community leaders.
  • The candidate’s submission of a personal statement elaborating on his or her personal goals and qualifications.
  • The candidate’s status as a Code Council member and involvement in Code Council programs.
  • The candidate’s involvement in community, civic, and/or extracurricular ventures or affiliations.

After meeting the above criteria, finalists may be subject to an in-person or electronic interview.  Please note that the Code Council’s application and selection process is completely independent from any eligible program’s application and selection process.

Application Instructions and Deadline

A complete application for the Fellowship consists of the following items submitted together:

  • This completed application form
  • Your Resume
  • A personal statement elaborating on your personal goals and qualifications
  • Three recommendation letters from an immediate supervisor and/or other community leaders

Your completed application materials shall be submitted by the application deadline of May 1, 2020 to Vice President of Member Services Karla Higgs at khiggs@iccsafe.org for electronic applications or at 900 Montclair Rd., Birmingham, AL 35213 for paper applications.