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Welcome to the Exam Catalog for National Certification Exams and Contractor/Trades Exams. When you are ready to take your exam, start searching in the Catalog Search below.

Before registering for your exam, be sure to verify which exam you need to take by contacting your local jurisdiction. The steps below will also assist you with a successful registration process as well as provide beneficial tips on how to prepare for your exam.


Step-By-Step Process to Taking Your Exam

1. Read the Examination Information Bulletin

Before scheduling your exam, please review the Examination Information Bulletin applicable to the exam you plan to take, which will give you detailed information about the exam process. You will find the bulletin specific to your exam when you search for your exam in the catalog below.

2009 Paper-and-Pencil Certification Exam Candidates: 
Review the 2009 National Certification Exam Listings Bulletin.

2. Read Exam Content Outlines

These outlines tell you what topics to expect to be tested on based upon which exam you plan to take. Exam Content Outlines are an excellent start to guide you in your review. These are located in the catalog under each specific exam.

3. Prepare for Your Exam

The best way to prepare for an examination is through the study of codes and standards. Code Council seminars, self-study workbooks, code commentaries, and textbooks may be helpful.

Seek our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to some of your biggest test prep inquiries

4. Schedule Your Exam

Refer to the Examination Information Bulletin for the specific exam you plan to take to review steps in how to register for Computer-Based or Paper-and-Pencil exams.

Schedule Your CBT Exam - PearsonVUE

Fill out the National Certification Paper and Pencil Exam Application

5. Important Test Day Checklist

Watch this short video on What To Expect at A PearsonVUE Test Center.

For computer-based examinations, examinees must provide their testing confirmation number (that was provided by the Pearson VUE representative at the time of exam registration) at the testing site on the exam day in order to be admitted to take the exam.

For computer-based examinations, the name on the exam reservation must match the name on the ID provided. If it does not, you will not be allowed to test, and will forfeit your exam fee. Neither the Code Council nor Pearson VUE can make an exception to this policy. If you are unable to present identification as required by the Code Council and Pearson VUE, or have questions about what will be allowed, you must call Pearson VUE (computer-based exams) or ICC (paper-and-pencil exams) at least two days prior to your scheduled exam to make other arrangements.

Examinees may bring the following items to the examination:

  1. Reference(s) as listed in this Examination Information Bulletin for the applicable exam—no other reference material will be allowed into the testing center:
  • Bound (original bound book, three-ring binder, or stapled)
  • Notes written in ink or highlighted in code sections
  • Permanently attached tabs (tabs that can’t be removed without destroying the page)
  • Pencil notes in your references that are highlighted prior to arrival at the test center
  • Photocopies of copyrighted materials are not allowed
  1. Magnifying glass
  2. Eyeglasses, if necessary
  3. Architects’ scale or rule
  4. Battery-operated calculator:
  • Nonprogrammable
  • Not capable of storing examination information
  • No ribbon or paper printing capabilities
  1. Foreign language/English translation dictionaries, if needed


6. After The Exam

Score Reports and Pass Lists

View Score Report at Pearson VUE
View Contractor/Trades Pass Lists
Search for an ICC Certified Professional

For Candidates who receive PASS on their exam:


Request a Wall Certificate
Request a Wall Certificate (PDF Version)
Request a Wallet Card


ICC does not provide licenses to work.  You must check with your local licensing agency and provide your score report, if applicable.  Some jurisdictions have additional requirements beyond passing an ICC examination.

For Candidates who receive FAIL on their exam:


ICC grants two attempts to pass the same exam title within one six-month period, beginning with the date of your first exam attempt.   More information on the retake process can be found in the Certification Exam Information Bulletin.


  • National Program: Candidates must wait ten days before retesting on the same exam title.
  • Jurisdiction-specific: Information on retake requirements can be found in the applicable Exam Information Bulletin, in the exam catalog.

Feedback and Appeals

ICC offers a feedback and appeal service that allows you to comment on your testing experience or challenge the results of your exam.  For additional information on this process and related forms, please visit the Candidate Services webpage.