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Ready to take an ICC Examination? Be sure to review the Step-By-Step Process to Taking Your Exam for more information on Administrative Rules and Procedures and Test Site Regulations. When you're ready to schedule, you can search for your exam in the Catalog Search below.

IMPORTANT! These guidelines will help you ensure a smooth exam registration process:

  • Log in to myICC: You must be logged in to myICC to make an exam purchase. If you think you may already have an account, please contact us before creating a new one so we can ensure all of your information stays under one account.
  • Pay Before You Schedule: You will be required to pay for your exam first before you can schedule if you are taking a National Certification, California, or UST/AST  exam via CBT or PRONTO. But don't worry--you'll have one year to officially schedule or reschedule your purchased exam without paying for your exam again.
  • Legal Name Only: You must enter your first and last LEGAL NAME exactly as it appears on the identification you will present before testing. If there is not an exact match, you will not be able to take your test and you will not be reimbursed for any fees paid.

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Step-By-Step Process to Taking Your Exam

1. Know Which Exam You Need To Take

Before you can schedule your exam, contact your local jurisdiction to find out which exam you need to take. Each jurisdiction sets its own rules for what examinations and certifications are required, so be sure to meet those requirements before you schedule your exam. 

Certification and examination information, including registration/scheduling requirements, dates, locations, fees, and references, are subject to change.  Candidates should make sure they have the most current information before registering for/scheduling a Code Council examination by checking the most recent exam info updated on the exam catalog.

ICC Exam Types:

ICC offers the following examination types. Click here to learn more about these exam types and how to begin the exam process.

  • National Certifications
  • State Specific Certifications
  • Contractor/Trades Examinations
  • UST/AST Certifications


2. Schedule Your Exam

ICC offers three different ways you can take your exam. Some examinations may not be available in all testing methods. Please see the information in the catalog below for specific details and availability.

Get an inside look on the following testing methods available, along with information on the exam scheduling process and experience.


3. Prepare for Your Exam

The best way to prepare for an exam is to review the Examination Specific Information located in the catalog and study the applicable codes and standards.  Code Council seminars, self-study workbooks, code commentaries, and textbooks may also be helpful.

Below are some resources to help you prepare for your exam:


5. After The Exam

Score Reports and Pass Lists

View Score Report at Pearson VUE
View Contractor/Trades Pass Lists
Search for an ICC Certified Professional

For Candidates who receive PASS on their exam:


Request a Wall Certificate
Request a Wall Certificate (PDF Version)
Request a Wallet Card


ICC does not provide licenses to work.  You must check with your local licensing agency and provide your score report, if applicable.  Some jurisdictions have additional requirements beyond passing an ICC examination.

For Candidates who receive FAIL on their exam:


ICC grants two attempts to pass the same exam title within one six-month period, beginning with the date of your first exam attempt.   More information on the retake process can be found in the Certification Exam Information Bulletin.


  • National Program: Candidates must wait ten days before retesting on the same exam title.
  • Jurisdiction-specific: Information on retake requirements can be found in the applicable Exam Information Bulletin, in the exam catalog.

Need to provide Feedback on your Exam?

ICC offers a feedback and appeal service that allows you to comment on your testing experience or challenge the results of your exam.  For additional information on this process and related forms, please visit the Candidate Services webpage.

Looking for Applications or Forms?

 Check out our Forms Library to find what you need.

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