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The information provided below highlights certain administrative rules and policies applicable to specific steps in the credentialing journey. Candidates are required to adhere to all ICC Council Policies and ICC Credentialing rules and policies provided in the links below.

What to Know Before You Buy an Exam





ICC is dedicated to strengthening the Certification program to meet the needs of code officials, members, and stakeholders in building safety. 

This is accomplished through the establishment of the Professional Development Council (PDC), which is comprised of the Education Committee (EC) and Certification Committee (CC).

The mission of the Certification Committee is to promote professionalism of individuals in the built environment by providing professional examinations and certification services worldwide.

The CC has sole authority over the rules and procedures of the ICC Certification Program, including such topics as the renewals process, examination security policies, and disciplinary action.

Click here for the CC Rules of Procedure. 

Click here for more information on the PDC.

Invalidating Scores/Certifications


What Happens on Exam Day?




Prior to launching the examination, candidates are required to read and agree to follow all ICC rules, policies, and procedures. 

This includes the following:

Verify Identity
Candidate Behavior
Exam Resources/Materials


What Happens After the Exam?

Feedback and Appeals



ICC offers a feedback and appeal service that allows you to comment on your testing experience or challenge the results of your exam.

Code Council Assessment Center staff will review comments or challenges on specific exams, exam items, or any issues encountered during your examination.

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Retake Rules
Records Maintenance
Maintain/Renew Credentials

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