As a Certification candidate, I agree to:

Provide accurate and complete information and abide by all International Code Council, Inc. (hereinafter “ICC”) policies and procedures, and I understand that failure to do so will constitute grounds for rejection of my certification test application.
I will not release confidential exam materials.
I will not participate in fraudulent test-taking practices.

If I become certified, and therefore a Certificant, I agree to:

Comply with the certification requirements, including the ICC Code of Ethics and renewal requirements, and notify the ICC Certification Department promptly if I am unable to comply with the requirements.
Make appropriate claims regarding the scope for which certification has been granted.
Not use the certification in such a manner as to bring the ICC into disrepute.
Not make any statement regarding certification that ICC considers misleading or unauthorized.
Not use the ICC certificate, ID card or logos or marks in a misleading or unauthorized manner.
Discontinue the use of all claims to certification that contain any reference to ICC or the specific certification earned upon suspension, revocation or voluntary withdrawal of certification.
Destroy or return any certificate or ID card issued by ICC upon revocation or voluntary withdrawal of certification.
Allow ICC to release confidential certificant information if required by law. Certificant shall be notified as to what information will be released, unless such notification is prohibited by law.