International Code Council Senior Director of Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas Resources Lee Clifton and Government Relations Senior Regional Manager Chris Ochoa were among the participants in the 2018 Sacramento Fly-In hosted by the Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI), a not-for-profit international industry association of manufacturers of plumbing products. The two-day event on May 8-9 brought together PMI members and industry representatives to meet with members of the California State Senate and California Energy Commissioner Andrew McAllister to discuss a range of issues impacting plumbing fixture and fittings manufacturers.

PMI members and representatives discussed water appliance efficiency requirements, water conservation legislation designed to establish per-gallons, per-day water use standards, and the continuing issues surrounding tub spout diverters with California legislators.

Pictured (left-right): Chris Ochoa (ICC), Todd Talbot (Fluidmaster, Inc.), PMI Association Manager Jodi Stuhrberg, Lee Clifton (ICC), PMI Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director Kerry Stackpole, PMI Board of Directors President Pete Jahrling (Sloan Valve Co.), PMI Water Efficiency and Sustainability Committee Co-Chair Cambria McLeod (Kohler Co.), Dwight Perkins (IAPMO)and PMI California Advocate Jerry Desmond.

In a meeting with Assemblymember Laura Friedman (D-CA, 43rd Assembly District), PMI members voiced support and shared ideas about AB-3170 (Sales and use taxes: exemptions: water efficiency), a measure introduced by Friedman that provides a sales tax holiday for purchases of WaterSense products in California. PMI has supported the measure since its introduction and has shared its research on water savings gained by replacing older and less water-efficient toilets and other fixtures.

The meeting with Commissioner McAllister covered commission initiatives, including the recently passed requirement for solar panel installation on new homes in California, innovations in water recycling, grey water use, tub spout diverters and other developments in water-efficient products.

As a participating organization, the Code Council attends PMI meetings each year to gain insights into economic trends from expert presenters; to strategize about how to further their interests within the current political environment; and to educate lawmakers about the importance of the plumbing manufacturing industry, their critical role in water issues and how PMI members are the key sources on these matters.

“The Fly-In provides a forum for PMI members to examine priority issues within our industry, gain new insights and develop a collective vision of how to move the industry forward,” explained International Code Council Senior Director of Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas Resources and PMI member Lee Clifton. “It is important to highlight key industry changes so those in the plumbing, mechanical and fuel gas construction industry can stay ahead.”