International Code Council

A letter from our President and CEO

In 2023, the International Code Council created innovative solutions that helped the building safety industry adapt to our rapidly changing world. Through collaboration with stakeholders, policymakers, and our members, we were able to achieve great things. While there were many changes, one thing remained the same: our commitment to providing the tools and resources that building safety professionals rely on and the public trusts. Here is a look at how we leveraged key partnerships and emerging technology to expand our global reach and provide the tools needed to solve some of the toughest problems in the built environment.

We continued our digital transformation efforts by introducing groundbreaking products such as the AI Navigator and ICC Premium Answers. These advancements significantly bolstered the utilization of our codes and standards. Digital Codes for Exams expanded into our PRONTO platform, offering the exam taker a digital approach to open book testing. With your feedback, we made several improvements to PRONTO to improve the user experience and better serve your needs. We elevated our digital portfolio by unveiling the enhanced 2024 International Codes® (I-Codes), featuring a revamped design with QR code integration.

We remained dedicated to creating a safer built environment around the world by providing resources and support for the adoption and implementation of modern building codes and standards. We attained accreditation from the Standards Council of Canada for our standards development and joined the TIC Council, an international association representing independent testing, inspection, and certification companies. Additionally, we forged key partnerships with the Saudi Building Code National Committee and the Gulf Standardization Organization, laying the groundwork for the debut of the Gulf Building Codes.

Providing professional development opportunities to our members and customers remained a top priority.

In 2023, we optimized our professional development offerings including the launch of the Authorized Instructor Program to enhance the training skills of our staff, contractors, chapters and partners. We integrated a cutting-edge Learning Management System to serve as the platform for all Code Council online trainings. Finally, we enhanced and updated our Technical Training Program and ICC Learn Live offerings.

Throughout the year, we assembled with leading experts in building safety to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities facing our world. We hosted a workshop in Dubai on the safe and successful use of innovative building materials. In June, we co-hosted the Off-Site Construction Summit to bring together key stakeholders to identify housing solutions through public policy and governmental actions.

In 2023, your association continued to be the leading authority in the building safety industry. We offered guidance on water conservation and safety, spearheaded an initiative to advance off-site construction and supported the internationally endorsed Buildings Breakthrough. Additionally, we provided enhanced assistance in accessing federal grant opportunities and collaborated on eight U.S.-based projects, aiding states with energy and building code initiatives.

Our organization stands poised for continued growth and is ready to take on the global challenges that will continue to shape our lives in years to come. The dedication of our partners, chapters and local jurisdictions serves as the backbone of the Code Council, and we invite you to join us in creating safe, affordable and sustainable buildings and communities around the world.

Code Council 2023 Year in Review