You know that the International Code Council is an essential resource for keeping up with all issues concerned with safety and performance in the built environment. But did you know that ICC also provides a way to concentrate on the discipline that interests you most? Joining one of ICC’s Membership Council Governing Committees is a great opportunity to network with other professionals who want to be involved in ICC activities at a grass-roots level, and ensures that the main concerns of your discipline are heard by ICC staff and the ICC Board of Directors.

The Code Council is accepting applications for its Membership Council Governing Committees from ICC members. Applications will be accepted until Aug. 31, 2018. Each Membership Council Governing Committee acts as a liaison between its council and the ICC Board of Directors — providing feedback and recommendations to the board regarding various ICC services, helping build and improve relationships with stakeholders, and acting as an advocate for areas of professional or technical interest important to the members.

Each Membership Council Governing Committee will have vacant positions open at the end of this year.

Building Official Membership Council — three-year term

Fire Service Membership Council — three-year term

Emerging Leaders Membership Council — two-year term

Sustainability Membership Council — three-year term

ICC Global Membership Council — three-year term

PMG Official Membership Council — three-year term

Travel is required. Reimbursement is available in accordance with Council Policy #4 Members & Volunteer Travel Reimbursement Policy, when authorized by ICC staff. The Governing Committee of the respective Membership Council will typically hold one to two meetings per year, plus regular conference calls.

The members of each Membership Council attending the Code Council’s Annual Meeting must select candidates to fill these open positions. The candidates’ names will then be presented to the ICC Board of Directors for ratification.

ICC Membership Councils are discipline specific councils that have been established to serve as a forum for information exchange to keep the membership up-to-date on the activities of the Code Council, and to build and improve relationships with stakeholders with an interest in the activities of the applicable Membership Council. The Membership Councils allow ICC members to have a greater role influencing how ICC serves to enhance members’ work performance, careers and professions. Read Council Policy 9, which regulates the ICC Membership Councils.

ICC Membership Council members receive invitations to special meetings; get targeted, discipline-specific information; receive opportunities to volunteer for special committees; and participate in the election of Membership Council Governing Committees. Code professionals may join as many Membership Councils as they like, there’s no charge, and Membership Council participation is one of the many advantages of being an ICC member.

Any questions? Need more information? Contact ICC Member Services Vice President Karla Higgs at 1-888-ICC-SAFE (422-7233), ext. 5268, or today and we’ll be happy to help.