The Building Official Membership Council is open to all ICC Members and will serve the needs of Building Officials and others in code enforcement. You'll have an opportunity to discuss issues that you face as a community, and how ICC might best serve you.

If you're looking to get more involved in the building official community, network with peers, enhance your profession and career, and influence the direction of ICC to your benefit, enroll in the Building Official Membership Council today. Simply fill out the enrollment form, and ICC will be in touch with more details. The Governing Committee serves to actively engage Members in discussions about priorities and opportunities for the direction of the Council.


The Building Official Membership Council will meet during the 2018 ICC

Annual Conference & Expo in Richmond, Virginia

Sunday, October21, 8:00 am ET

Click here for agenda and meeting information

Check out our new webpage dedicated to the Innovation in Code Administration award.

See past winners and information on all applications.


The Innovation in Code Administration Award

The International Code Council Government Relations Innovation in Code Administration Awards Program recognizes fire and building organizations for innovation in the delivery of code administration services in their communities.

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Are you registered to vote online with cdpACCESS?

The next generation of building and fire safety codes will be decided through online voting. The International Code Council’s new cdpACCESS empowers you to vote on these 2018 Group A Codes, even if you can't attend the code hearings.

Voting Representatives must be validated by September 24th for the PCH.

This year, Voting Representatives must be validated by September 24th in order to fully participate in the upcoming Public Comment Hearings, October 24-31 in Richmond, Virginia.

Visit the International Code Council’s Electronic Voter Validation Site. Primary Representatives of current Governmental Members can click here to login and validate your Governmental Member Voting Representatives.

Remember, Governmental Member Voting Representatives must be validated each year.

     Is your department is an ICC Governmental Member and signed up to vote online?

     Is your department's list of "Designated Voting Representatives" current? (This list must be completed annually because it maintains your voting eligibility.)

For more information, check out the Government Relations webpage for exciting videos, a staff directory to help you find your representative, and tool-kits on code adoption.

You may also email Governing Committee Members of the ICC Fire Service Membership Council, listed below.

Governing Committee of the ICC Building Official Membership Council

Chris Young, Chair, Coconino County, AZ
Dan Dockery, Vice Chair, City of Winston-Salem, NC

Matt Archer, City of Lone Tree, CO
Amber Armstrong, City of Norman, OK
Sergio Ascunce, Village of Key Biscayne, FL
Audrey Cline, Town of Durham, NH
Johnny Goetz, Town of Truckee, CA
Ronald Hampton, Commonwealth of Kentucky
Ed Lisinski, City of West Allis, WI
Scott McDonald, City of Denton, TX
Michael Metcalf, Plaquemines Parish, LA
Steve Mills, City of Hendersonville, TN
Steve Nordhues, City of Norfolk, NE
Michael Nugent, City of Rock Hill, SC
James Williamette, City of St. Paul, MN

Staff Liaison
Bill NashRegional Manager, Government Relations; Middletown, RI

Board Liaison
Alan Boswell, ICC Board of Directors; Chief Building Official
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Questions on the Council? Contact Karla Higgs.