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Engaging the Next Generation

The Code Council is committed to addressing the high demand for a new wave of skilled building professionals.

Workforce Initiative

Under the Safety 2.0 initiative, the Code Council is providing exciting programs aimed at bringing in new, talented building safety professionals.

Code Officials: A Snapshot

Median Salary

Median Salary



Common Roles

  1. Plan Reviewer
  2. Building Inspector
  3. Department Manager
  4. Residential Inspector
  5. Mechanical Inspector
  6. General Inspector
  7. Plumbing Inspector
  8. Energy Inspector
  9. Fire Inspector
  10. Permit Technician

The Opportunity

Over the next 15 years, the building industry will experience a loss of 80 percent of the existing skilled workforce.

The Opportunity

Safety 2.0 Programs

Safety 2.0 LogoMore than 12,000 individuals have participated in our Safety 2.0 programs that offer mentoring, training, certifications and tools for career advancement.

Safety 2.0 Programs

2018 Chapter Leadership Academy

Denver, Colorado

An exclusive annual event for chapter leaders to discuss and strengthen important skills related to chapter management, legal considerations, member recruitment and retention, and effective communications.

“Mentoring the next generation of code officials is also a strong component of the academies. I truly believe the focus on developing leaders in our organization will help benefit ICC and safety in the built community.”

William McKinney, Vice President of the New Hampshire Building Officials Association

2018 Chapter Leadership Academy

“My fellow chapter members were thrilled about the information I learned and brought back with me. I can’t wait until next year!”

Ashley Delgado, Energy Plan Reviewer for the Green Building Program

Meet: Jesse DeAnda

Permit and Development Services Manager for the Community Development Department of Beverly Hills, CA — An Emerging Leader in Building Safety

This Los Angeles native has taken the building industry by storm since joining the department as a college intern in 2001.

In his role, DeAnda embraces technological innovations and works to advance his department and the building safety industry through the digitization of online permitting and field documentation. While he admits that being a young person in an industry experiencing a digital transformation is challenging, DeAnda says, it is entertaining and enjoyable to witness and be a part of. “I love that this industry is made of smart and passionate people looking to protect their communities. We are touching every part of the community every day.”

The Emerging Leaders Membership Council has been a major part of DeAnda’s professional development. Since being elected to the Council in 2011, DeAnda has worked to connect young people to the built environment and create more opportunities for collaboration between seasoned and young professionals. DeAnda is grateful for the many mentors who have helped him along the way. Excited for his future in building safety, DeAnda looks to pay it forward and mentor future members and industry leaders.

“Participation and engagement is key to letting your ideas be shared and valued. Share your experience and knowledge even beyond the codes — your perspective and life may also have influence. Everyone has a Jesse DeAnda home within the building industry.”

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