Consumer Safety

Consumer Safety

Consumer Safety

Public Safety

The Code Council offers information related to Public Safety. Read more.

Hurricane Safety

The Code Council offers recommendations to help To help you protect your home. Read more.

Consumer Safety Tips

It takes everyone in a community to keep our homes, schools, offices, stores and other buildings safe. We are happy to provide you with the following information to help your family learn more about building safety and the important part building codes and permits play in your everyday life. Use this Web site to get the latest code news or to obtain the resources you need to learn more about building codes. Read more.

Is Your Backyard Party Friendly?

As summer approaches, the International Code Council is urging homeowners to take the time to check their outdoor areas for potential safety hazards. Proper inspections now can help to keep your family and friends safe in the future. Read more.

Accessibility Info

The odds are that many of us will experience a disability at some point in our lives. Maybe it’s temporary, like a broken leg. Or it may be more permanent, such as mobility impairment, vision loss or reduced hearing. Such disabilities, whether temporary or permanent, may affect how we get around at home, at work, when we’re out shopping or seeing a museum, or even when we visit the doctor. Read more.

Building Safety Month

Show your support of Building Safety Month. Help the International Code Council Foundation grow the Building Safety Week supporter list to unprecedented levels as we mark this important 30th year and expand awareness of the importance of a safe and sustainable built environment and critical role of building and fire codes and code officials.

Wildfire Safety

The United States is experiencing a significant increase in the number of wildfires. Each year, wildfires take lives and burn numerous structures, resulting in mounting costs that have enormous economic and environmental impacts to the nation’s communities and businesses. Wildfires also have devastating impacts on the environment and damage forests, rangelands, watersheds and wildlife. Read more.