2015/2017 Code Development: Group B

2015/2017 Code Development: Group B

2015/2017 Code Development: Group B


Public Comment Hearing Schedule Available.  The Public Comment Hearing (PCH) schedule for Group B code development is now available.

Report of Committee Action Hearings Available; Public Comment Period Opens June 13. The Report of the Committee Action Hearings for the 2016 Group B hearings in Louisville, Ky., is now available for download. In addition to the details of the committee actions for each code change proposal, the report includes the results of the Online Assembly Motion Vote on 72 floor motions offered at the hearings. The public comment period opens Monday, June 13.  Go to cdpACCESS.com.

Video Subscriptions are Available for Louisville Hearings. ICC is offering video subscriptions of the 2016 Committee Action Hearings held in Louisville, Ky. Subscriptions are available on a monthly and yearly basis. The subscriptions allow users to view all of the video coverage from the hearings.

The Code Change Agenda, Report of the Committee Action Hearing, and the Public Comment Agenda for the 2016 Group B Code Change cycle will be posted below.

Note that the on-line versions are PDF files that contain three new features:

  • Highlighting and commenting (using Adobe Reader)
  • Adobe search
  • Bookmarks

The files are also designed for quicker downloads.

For the 2015/2016/2017 Schedule, click here.

Group B – Report of the Committee Action Hearing

Group B - Proposed Changes to the 2015 Editions

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Code change posting font size: ICC has corrected the font size for the IBC-Structural, IECC-Commercial, IFC and IRC-Building code changes.  The respective PDF files for these have been replaced in the Complete Monograph and the individual monographs and can now be printed in readable format.

Complete Monograph Published 03/17/16 102 MB
Group B Consolidated Monograph Updates Published 03/26/16 3108 KB
Updates to the Consolidated Monograph Updates Published 04/06/16 7685 KB
Updates to the 2015 Proposed Changes for the International Codes Published 04/14/16 609 KB
Updates to the Committee Rosters Published 04/14/16 6 KB
Introduction Published 03/08/16 722 KB
CCC Published 03/08/16 786 KB
IADMIN Published 03/08/16 2266 KB
IBC - Fire Safety Published 03/08/16 868 KB
IBC - General Published 03/08/16 1069 KB
IBC - Means of Egress Published 03/08/16 776 KB
IBC - Structural Published 03/17/16 23748 KB
IEBC Published 03/08/16 1703 KB
IECC - Commercial Published 03/17/16 17930 KB
IECC - Residential & IRC - Energy Published 03/08/16 10543 KB
IFC Published 03/17/16 12975 KB
IMC Published 03/08/16 732 KB
IPMC Published 03/08/16 983 KB
IRC - Building Published 03/17/16 45208 KB
IUWIC Published 03/08/16 1115 KB
Proposed New Standard Analyses Published 03/31/16 168 KB