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Building Valuation Data 

The International Code Council is pleased to provide the following Building Valuation Data (BVD). The BVD will be updated at six-month intervals, with the next update in February 2015.

ICC strongly recommends that all jurisdictions and other interested parties actively evaluate and assess the impact of this BVD table before utilizing it in their current code enforcement related activities.

Updated August 2014

Building Valuation Data Archives

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BVD-0814.xlsAugust 20148/25/201455 KB
BVD-0814.pdfAugust 20148/25/2014149 KB
BVD-0214.xlsFebruary 20142/3/201450 KB
BVD2014-02.pdfFebruary 20142/3/201446 KB
BVD-0813.xlsAugust 20138/20/201349 KB
BVD-0813.pdfAugust 20138/20/201346 KB
BVD-0213.xlsFebruary 20132/19/201350 KB
BVD-0213.pdfFebruary 20132/19/201345 KB
BVD-0812.xlsAugust 20128/20/201250 KB
BVD-0812.pdfAugust 20128/20/201246 KB
BVD-0212.pdfFebruary 20122/16/201245 KB
BVD-0212.xlsFebruary 20122/16/201249 KB
BVD-0811.pdfAugust 20118/15/201145 KB
BVD-0211.pdfFebruary 20112/1/201147 KB
BVD-BSJ-AUG10.pdfAugust 20108/1/201048 KB
BVD-BSJ-FEB10.pdfFebruary 20102/1/201048 KB
BVD-BSJ-AUG09.pdfAugust 20098/1/200947 KB
BVD-BSJ-FEB09.pdfFebruary 20092/1/200955 KB
BVD-BSJ-AUG08.pdfAugust 20088/1/200853 KB
BVD-BSJ-FEB08.pdfFebruary 20082/1/200856 KB
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