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Code Action Committees (CAC) 

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    Upcoming Meeting

    The BCAC, FCAC and SEHPCAC have scheduled a joint meeting of these CAC’s for July 8 -9, 2014. Four Points Sheraton Chicago O’Hare. Read meeting notice and agenda. The following documents are posted in support of the meeting:

    Upcoming Teleconference Meeting

    The PMGCAC has scheduled teleconference call meetings for May 13, May 27, June 10 & June 24, 2014. Click on the dated Meeting Notices below for more information. The Agenda for the next upcoming meeting will be posted under the dated Agenda. Agendas for the next upcoming meeting are posted not less than one week before the next meeting.

In an effort to create additional opportunities for participation in the ICC Code Development Process, for the 2012/2013 Cycle and going forward, the Code Council Board has established a full complement of four Code Action Committees (CAC) covering all 15 of the I-Codes. These CAC’s will be active in:

  • Group A Codes (IBC, IFGC, IMC, IPC and IPSDC) with the 2012 Cycle starting with the January 3, 2012 code change deadline
  • Group B Codes (Admin, ICCPC, IEBC, IECC, IFC, IgCC, IPMC, ISPSC, IRC, IWUIC and IZC) with the 2012 Cycle starting with the January 3, 2012 code change deadline

Links to the four CAC’s are below:

This main CAC webpage includes general information concerning all four CAC’s. For a discussion on CAC’s, see the “Expansion of Code Action Committees” and Council Policy 31 “Code Action Committees” which regulates CACs and includes the scope of activity of each CAC.

Committee Documents

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