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Rainwater Collection System Standard Project

Background and Scope

ICC, as an ANSI-accredited standards developer, provided notice of the intent to develop an ANSI consensus standard for the design and installation of rainwater collection systems through the ANSI Project Initiation Notification Systems (PINS) in April, 2011. Notification of these PINS filings were published in the ANSI Standards Action of April 1, 2011. The scope of the first standard to undergo development, ICC-805, was described as follows in the filing:

BSR/CSA/ICC 805-201x, Standard for Rainwater Collection System Design and Installation (new standard): Applies to the design, installation and maintenance of rainwater collection systems intended to collect, store, treat, distribute, and utilize rainwater for potable and nonpotable applications.

Rainwater Collection System Design and Installation Consensus Committee (IS-RCSDI)

The Rainwater Collection System Design Consensus Committee (IS-RCSDI) was appointed by the ICC Board of Directors in collaboration with CSA in late 2013 and has primary responsibility for the development of the proposed standard.

All standard development is subject to ICC's ANSI-approved standard development policy and CSA’s standard development procedures. Click here for all ICC standards-related policies, which conform to the consensus requirements in the ANSI Essential Requirements. All meetings of the IS-RCSDI are open to attendance and participation by the public.

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Working groups may be formed to address particular topics within the standard and IS-RCSDI committee membership is not required to join any such group. Interested parties should contact the ICC staff secretariat, Shawn Martin at smartin@iccsafe.orgor the CSA staff secretariat Lauro Pilla at lauro.pilla@csagroup.org to be notified of future meetings and developments related to this project or signup for the Interested Parties List. Neither ICC nor CSA membership is not required to participate.

Documents and Links

Documents and links related to the development of the standard, including meeting notices, minutes, agendas, and draft documents are provided below. Click each icon to view document(s).

Note to Word users: To view/download, right click icon, select "save target as" and save to your computer.

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