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2015 I-Codes

ICC Bylaws and Council Policies 


ICC Council Policies

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CP01-03.pdfCP01-03 Appeals (Approved: 05-20-07, Revised: 9-28-13) 34 KB
CP02-05.pdfCP02-05 Partnership Development Guidelines (Approved: 02-26-05)35 KB
CP03-0.pdfCP03-00 Reserved12 KB
CP04-03.pdfCP04-03 Members & Volunteer Travel Reimbursement (Approved: 01-17-04, Revised: 03-21-09)56 KB
CP05-04.pdfCP05-04 Code Technology Committee (Approved: 01-17-04, Revised: 05-20-07)33 KB
CP06-03.pdfCP06-03 Industry Advisory Committee (Approved: 01-17-04, Revised: 09-13-08) 27 KB
CP07-04.pdfCP07-04 Committees and Members (Approved: 01-17-04, Revised: 12-07-12)46 KB
CP09-03.pdfCP09-03 Role & Structure of Advisory Councils (Approved: 01-17-04, Revised: 07-11-13)41 KB
CP10-04.pdfCP10-04 Chapters (Approved: 01-04, Revised: 10-12)37 KB
CP11-03.pdfCP11-03 Committee Interpretations on International Code Provisions  (Approved: 01-17-04, Revised: 10-20-12)39 KB
CP12-03.pdfCP12-03 ICC Standards Development (Approved: 01-17-04)18 KB
CP13-05.pdfCP13-05 Member Categories (Approved: 05-11-06, Revised: 12-10-10)35 KB
CP14-03.pdfCP14-03 Delegation of Board Duties to Chief Executive Officer (Approved: 01-17-04, Revised: 10-20-12)39 KB
CP15-03.pdfCP15-03 Signatory and Contracting Authority (Approved: 01-17-04, Revised: 10-20-12)42 KB
CP16-03.pdfCP16-03 Awards (Approved: 01-17-04, Revised: 04-20-13)57 KB
CP17-03.pdfCP17-03 Federal Advisory Committee (Approved: 01-17-04)17 KB
CP18.pdfCP18 - Reserved22 KB
CP19-03.pdfCP19-03 Governing the Conduct of Elections (Approved: 01-17-04, Revised: 4-26-14)32 KB
CP20-03.pdfCP20-03 The Nominating Committee (Approved: 01-17-04, Revised: 12-6-12)30 KB
CP22-03.pdfCP22-03 Council of Past Presiding Officers (Approved: 01-17-04, Revised: 05-21-10)46 KB
CP23-04.pdfCP23-04 Resolutions Committee (Approved: 09-30-04, Revised: 07-21-06)20 KB
CP24-04.pdfCP24-04 Code Forum & Annual Conference Site Selection Guide (Approved: 10-12-04, Revised: 07-11-13)95 KB
CP25-08.pdfCP25-08 Board of Directors Expenses (Approved: 02-15-08, Revised: 12-20-08)27 KB
CP26-05.pdfCP26-05 Honorary Membership  (Approved: 01-13-05, Revised: 05-05-08)24 KB
CP27.pdfCP27 - Reserved22 KB
CP28-05.pdfCP28-05 Code Development (Approved: 09-24-05, Revised: 09-27-14)136 KB
CP29-06.pdfCP29-06 Policy Relating to Hiring of Board Members by ICC  (Approved: 07-01-06, Revised: 08-03-06)19 KB
CP30-08.pdfCP30-08 Major Jurisdiction Committee  (Approved: 02-16-08)24 KB
CP31-07.pdfCP31-07 Code Action Committees  (Approved: 09-13-08, Revised: 07-20-11)71 KB
CP32-08.pdfCP32-08 Investment Policy (Approved: 07-19-08, Revised: 07-11-13)106 KB
CP33-08.pdfCP33-08 Guideline Development (Approved: 09-18-08)26 KB
CP34-08.pdfCP34-08 Audit Committee (Approved: 09-13-08, Revised 04-20-13)47 KB
CP35-08.pdfCP35-08 Sustainable Building Technology Committee (SBTC) (Approved: 09-13-08)30 KB
CP36-09.pdfCP36-09 Financial Assistance (Approved: 02-06-09, Revised: 10-29-11)26 KB
CP37-09.pdfCP37-09: Reserved. The ICC Board of Directors, on September 28, 2013, replaced CP-37 with the “Code of Ethics" (see link below).17 KB
CP38-08.pdfCP38-08 Senior Management Compensation Policy (Approved: 12-20-08)31 KB
CP39-08.pdfCP39-08 Senior Management Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Policy (Approved: 12-20-08)26 KB
CP40-08.pdfCP40-08 Joint Venture Policy (Approved: 12-20-08)23 KB
CP41-07.pdfCP41-07 Reserved39 KB
CP42-07.pdfCP42-07 Board of Directors Confidentiality and Conflict-of-Interest Policy (Approved: 12-07-07, Revised: 02-16-08)48 KB
CP43-08.pdfCP43-08 Bylaws Committee (Approved: 09-13-08, Revised: 07-11-13)23 KB
CP44-13.pdfCP44-13 Code Correlation Committee (Approved: 9-28-13)42 KB
CP45-14.pdfCP45-14 Professional Development Council (Approved: 04-26-14)73 KB
CP46-14.pdfCP46-14 Council Policy Review Committee (Approved: 09-27-14)33 KB
2015 I-Codes