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Code Technology Committee (CTC) 

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    Upcoming Meeting

    The CTC has scheduled a meeting for December 8 - 9, 2014. Four Points Sheraton Chicago O’Hare. Read meeting notice and agenda. Part of this meeting will include a joint meeting of CTC, BCAC and FCAC as indicated on the meeting notice.

    CTC interested parties:

    The work of the Code Technology Committee (CTC) has carried on the long tradition of code development activity that started with the Board for the Coordination of Model Codes (BCMC) in 1975. Created by the ICC Board in 2004, the CTC recently concluded its 29th meeting in March of this year. Over 10 years and thousands of committee and stakeholder volunteer hours has resulted in the CTC being the “go to” committee to consider selected topics identified by the ICC Board.

    Over the past 4 years, ICC’s Code Action Committee’s (CAC) have been very active as well. Due to the duplicative committee structure of the CTC and the CAC’s, the Board has come to the difficult decision that while the CTC has performed a valuable service to ICC and the I-Codes, it is time to fully commit ICC resources to the CAC committee structure.

    Accordingly, the Board has directed staff to work towards sun setting the CTC by the conclusion of the 2016 Cycle (Group B Codes). At this time, CTC is being directed to focus its time and energy on two current CTC Areas of Study: Care Facilities and Elevator Lobbies (which includes elevator related topics from the NIST World Trade Center recommendations). The on-going work performed on the other Areas of Study by the CTC and Study Groups will be assigned to either the Building Code Action Committee (BCAC) or the Fire Code Action Committee (FCAC) based on their respective scopes outlined in Council Policy 31.

    The next meeting of the BCAC and FCAC is scheduled for December 9 – 10. Staff is developing the work plan in order to transition CTC activities to the applicable CAC and CAC Work Groups well in advance of the next CAC meeting.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact the CTC staff liaison, Mike Pfeiffer @ mpfeiffer@iccsafe.org.

If you wish to be placed on the "interested party" list for CTC activities, contact Mike Pfeiffer.

CTC Process/Areas of Study

The CTC process is regulated by Council Policy 5 Code Technology Committee with the Areas of study/investigation as approved by the ICC Board of Directors.

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