Federal and National Activities

Federal and National Activities

Federal and National Activities

The Best of Inside the Beltway

Welcome to ICC's home for all things federal: legislation, rulemaking, and occasional intrigue!

The main feature on this page is the "House of Codes" video series, where ICC staff in D.C. give quick takes on what's happening nationally and and how it affects ICC members. The latest episodes are below, but if you're looking for a specific topic (or are just in the mood to binge-watch), check out the Archives.

To the left, you'll find some helpful links about the basics of legislation, past ICC comments on federal rulemaking, and an easy way to get in touch with your representatives in Congress and make your voice heard on important issues.

House of Codes: Season 1

House of Codes Episode 4: Fire Services

We next introduce you to Rob Neale, Vice President of Fire Service Activities, to let you know how to get involved in ICC's fire safety and advocacy programs!

 House of Codes Episode 3: Resilience

Bryan Soukup, ICC's Director of Resilience Initiatives, sheds some light on the "R" word you've probably heard being tossed around, and how ICC is promoting it here in Washington.

Have a great topic for a future video? Email us at iccgr@iccsafe.org and let us know!