Call for Committees

Call for Committees

Call for Committees

Call for Committees

The International Code Council is currently accepting applications for the following Codes & Standards Committee:

ICC Validation Committee

In 2014, the ICC Board established the ICC Validation Committee with the charge of reviewing the cdpACCESSTM Online Governmental Consensus Voting (OGCV) process and certifying the results from the 2014 Cycle and the International Green Construction Code (IgCC). This certification process included an evaluation of the confidentiality, completeness and accuracy of the votes reported by cdpACCESS followed by a report to the ICC Board.

In 2015, the role and responsibilities of the Validation Committee are expanding beyond the certification of the cdpACCESS OGCV process. The Validation Committee will be re-constituted as a broad based balanced committee to be utilized by the ICC Board to assist in matters of the organization as assigned by the Board. As such, the role of the committee will evolve. One area where the Validation Committee will be utilized is the reaffirmation process of ICC Standards in order to assess whether the standard should under-go a revision cycle or be re-affirmed in accordance with ICC’s Consensus Procedures.

At this time, ICC is receiving applications for members to serve on this committee. This committee will be a balanced committee of 9 – 15 members of the following Interest Categories: General; User; and Producer. Accordingly, Codes and Standards Development stakeholders should apply. A full description of the Interest Categories is included in the application linked below. Any stakeholder is welcome to apply and ICC membership is not required. Applications for committee appointment will be reviewed by the ICC Board who will make the final appointment decision. Click here for an application. The acronym below is to be used to identify the committee on the application.

VC – Validation Committee

It is not anticipated that in-person meetings will be convened in order to carry out the charge of this committee. The work will be accomplished via teleconferences and webinars. However, if travel is required, ICC Governmental Member Representatives are authorized to travel at ICC’s expense when participating on the Validation Committee. All others are responsible for funding their participation on this committee.

Term: Through December 31, 2017 to coincide with the current Code Development Cycle.
Staff: Mike Pfeiffer, 888-ICC-SAFE (422-7233), ext. 4338

Application deadline: July 2, 2015

Membership Council Governing Committees

ICC is now accepting applications for various openings in the Governing Committees for each Membership Council. Click here for an application. Each Membership Council Governing Committee acts as a liaison between its Council and the ICC Board of Directors, provides feedback and recommendations to the Board regarding various ICC services, helps build and improve relationships with stakeholders, and acts as an advocate for areas of professional or technical interest important to the Council Members.

Each Council will have vacant positions open at the end of this year. The Members of each Council present at the Council’s Annual Meeting must select candidates to fill these open positions. The candidates’ names will then be presented to the ICC Board of Directors for ratification.

ICC Membership Councils are discipline-specific councils that have been established to serve as a forum for information exchange to keep the membership up-to-date on the activities of the Code Council and to build and improve relationships with stakeholders with an interest in the activities of the applicable Membership Council. Click here for Council Policy 9, which regulates the ICC Membership Councils. Click here for your Membership Council’s charter.

Travel is required. The Governing Committee of the respective Membership Council will typically hold 1-2 meetings per year, plus regular conference calls.

Term: 3 years. The number of openings in each Membership Council are: two (2) in the Fire Services Membership Council, six (6) in the Building Official Membership Council, four (4) in the PMG Membership Council, five (5) in the Sustainability Membership Council, and five (5) in the ICC Global Membership Council.

Staff: Karla Higgs (ext. 5268) at 1-888-ICC-SAFE (422-7233)

Application deadline: July 20, 2015