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Below is the committee application link to be used when submitting an application for one or more of the referenced committees. Be sure to use the Committee acronym noted with the call for committee when filling out the application.

Current Calls for Committees

Volunteers are one of the most important assets of the International Code Council. Their work on the ICC Board of Directors, committees and councils is directly related to the success of ICC. It takes the time and expertise of many individuals working through the numerous ICC committees to shape the Code Council into the world-class membership organization that exists today.

This “Call for Committee” provides another opportunity to serve.

The International Code Council Board of Directors has established an ad hoc committee to comprehensively explore and assess building safety and security. Building safety is an issue of upmost importance to our families and communities as we tackle outdated facilities, fire safety concerns, active shooters and other emergency situations. All interested parties are encouraged to participate. View the call for committee members and draft committee scope.

Committee Call: ICC Ad Hoc Committee on Building Safety and Security

In April 2018, the ICC Board of Directors established the ICC Ad Hoc Committee on Building
Safety and Security. The goal is to provide comprehensive, sound and valuable tools for
assistance in guiding the design of buildings (including schools) and helping building managers,
school districts, and local and state leaders to keep the occupants safe from intruders and other
life-safety hazards. Click here for the draft scope. The committee will be appointed by ICC
President Jay Elbettar, P.E., CBO, LEED AP, CASp.

This committee will be unique in that ICC’s typical committees support the development and update of ICC codes and standards. While codes and standards are one component of this project, the diversity of tools necessary to provide guidance will extend well beyond ICC’s codes and standards as noted in the draft scope.

This committee will include a broad cross section of experts from:

  • Education and security fields
  • School administrators
  •  Building owners and facility managers
  • Code officials
  • Architect
  •  Engineers
  • Standards developing organizations
  • Building construction industry
  • Federal Government

The acronym below is to be used to identify the ICC Ad Hoc Committee on Building Safety and Security on the Codes & Standards application.

AHC-BSS ICC Ad Hoc Committee on Building Safety and Security

Travel required. Given the timeliness of this effort, it is anticipated that the AHC-BSS will hold two-day meetings on an as-needed basis in order to complete the effort in an expedited fashion.

ICC Governmental Member Representatives are authorized to travel at ICC’s expense when
participating at AHC-BSS meetings. All others are responsible for funding their participation on this committee.

Term: Term expires upon completion of the activity.
Staff: Mike Pfeiffer, P.E., Senior Vice President, Technical Services; 888-ICC-SAFE (422-7233), ext. 4338
Application deadline: September 10, 2018. Click here for an application.

Read ICC’s news release about this committee.