New Design for the 2024 International Codes
















The 2024 International Codes® (I‑Codes®) have undergone substantial formatting changes as part of the digital transformation strategy of the International Code Council® to improve the user experience.

Starting with the launch of the 2024 I‑Codes and beyond, the I-Codes will align the print and PDF versions of the I‑Codes with the ICC’s Digital Codes® content.

Keep reading to see the changes.

Style Changes to the 2024 International Codes

Streamlined lists

Consistent grouping of associated content

(e.g., tables immediately follow parent sections)

Shading for table headers and notes

Single-column text

Modernized font styles

We’ve updated style changes to improve readability, reduce page count and book size, and support sustainability. These changes align with the Code Council’s ongoing digital transformation.

QR Codes Replace Marginal Markings

QR codes to identify code changes more accurately

Through 2021, print editions of the I-Codes identified technical changes from prior code cycles with marginal markings [solid vertical lines for new text, deletion arrows ( ), asterisks for relocations ( * )].

The 2024 I-Code print editions replace the marginal markings with QR codes to identify code changes more precisely. A QR code is placed at the beginning of any section that has undergone technical revision.

If there is no QR code, there are no technical changes to that section.

See the New Code Change Language in ICC Digital Codes

ICC Digital Codes Premium subscribers who are logged in will be automatically directed to the Premium view. All other users will be directed to the Digital Codes Basic free view.

Both views show new code language in blue text along with deletion arrows for deleted text and relocation markers for relocated text.

Digital Codes Premium offers additional ways to enhance code compliance research, including revision histories, commentary by code experts and an advanced search function.

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New NFC tag Pilot Program

A new pilot program has been launched, incorporating Near Field Communication (NFC) tags, as part of the 2024 International Mechanical Code® (IMC®) and the 2024 International Plumbing Code® (IPC®).

This is a 6-month pilot program that aims to test innovative technology to enhance security and simplify the product registration process. New users will have the ability to validate the authenticity of their book and register it with the Code Council to receive additional benefits.

To validate and register their book, the user will hold their NFC-enabled smart phone or tablet near the ICC tag (pictured here and located on the front cover).

Visit for more information and troubleshooting.