California Code Adoption Resources

Video: California Codes Adoption Workshop

This web seminar does the following: 1) addresses how to locally adopt and amend the new 2016 California Building Code, 2) provides a timeline to stay on track for proper adoption and filing with the Building Standards Commission, and 3) provides "do’s and don’ts" for the local adoption process.

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Video: "Highlighted Changes” to the 2016 California Codes

This web seminar provides a look at the top 30 changes to both the 2016 California codes and the 2015 I-codes that will affect most jurisdictions. These changes cover a broad range of topics from the new method of determining building height and area to a discussion regarding existing building and the elimination of IBC Chapter 34.

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California Code Adoption Resource Documents

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HSC Section 13860-13879
HSC Section 17950-17959.6
HSC Section 18935-18944.15
Sample Code Adoption Documents
Code Adoption Workshop Video PowerPoint Slides
Significant Changes to the California Codes