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ICC is proud to work with these knowledgeable individuals who are making a difference in the built environment.


Mike Bouse

John Delesandro supervises the licensing and training of New Jersey’s code enforcement officials, a role he’s held for over 20 years. The NJ system of licensing and certification requires college-level training and examination on the discipline-specific ICC codes, as well as a rigorous system of continuing education to maintain each license or certification.

Over the past 20 years, John has overseen the creation of several new certification programs and the development of new curriculum to obtain a license in NJ, as well as spearhead the creation of online learning to maintain licenses/certifications. John is a certified public manager and trainer in addition to being a volunteer firefighter and actively involved in serving the fire service in the state in various roles. Additionally, John has been a member of the ICC’s Professional Development Council (PDC) since 2014 and has served as the Chair of the Education Committee for ICC since 2017.

Ryan is the Code Council’s Vice President of Innovation. Colker works to identify emerging issues in the building industry, including how new technologies can be leveraged by codes and standards, methods to modernize the application of building regulations, and the development of new business strategies that support members and building safety professionals. He also serves as executive director of the Alliance for National and Community Resilience.

Justin Edson

Dr. S. K. Ghosh heads the consultancy, S. K. Ghosh Associates LLC, Palatine, IL, a member of the ICC Family of Solutions.

Dr. Ghosh has influenced seismic design provisions in the United States for many years. In addition to authoring many publications in the area of structural design, Dr. Ghosh has investigated and reported on structural performance in most recent earthquakes. He is currently leading a World Bank project on building code enforcement in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dr. Ghosh is an Honorary Member of ACI, and is a Fellow of ASCE, SEI, and PCI. He is a member of ACI Committee 318, Standard Building Code, the ASCE 7 Standard Committee (Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures), and the Board of Governors of ASCE’s Structural Engineering Institute.

John is the Technical Manager/ Education and an Instructor for the International Code Council (ICC). A certified Master Code Professional and Certified Fire Marshal; he has forty- five (45) other certifications, including thirty- six (36) from the ICC. Having earned a B.S. in Engineering from the University of Delaware, he has also studied Architecture at Georgia Tech and completed courses in Emergency Management and Fire Prevention at the National Emergency Training Center.

Formerly the Director of the Department of Permits and Inspections for Frederick County Maryland, he is an ICC Honorary Member, has served on the ICC- Evaluations Services (ICC- ES) Board of Directors, the ICC Code Correlating Committee, the Board of Directors for BOCA International, Inc., Maryland’s Governor’s Smart Code Strategy Group, Chaired the ICC Board for International Professional Standards and is an Honorary Member and Past President of the Maryland Building Officials Association.

He currently teaches ICC administrative, building, residential, existing building, permit technician, property maintenance, zoning, green building, fire, wildland/urban interface, energy courses, and is a contract instructor at the Dept. of Homeland Security, United States Fire Administration, National Fire Academy, Emmitsburg, MD. He received the ICC Educator of the Year award in 2010.

Patrick Granson
Raffi Holzer
Andre Jaen
Gabe Maser
Mark Matheny
Sandi McCracken
NCARB Representative

Kimberly Paarlberg is a Senior Staff Architect in Technical Services with the International Code Council (ICC). Her experience with ICC includes work in the plan review and code development departments with responsibilities for code development, providing code interpretations, instructing technical seminars and authoring and reviewing instruction materials, code commentary and publication articles. Kimberly serves as code development secretary for the IBC Means of Egress/Accessibility and IBC and IRC Structural committees. She is ICC representative for development of the referenced technical standard, ICC/ANSI A117.1 “Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities.” Kimberly is the staff for the ICC Health Care Committee (HCC) and the Building Code Action Committee (BCAC). She is also secretariat for the ICC 300 - Bleachers, Folding and Telescopic Seating and Grandstands, and the ICC 500 - Design and Construction of Storm Shelters.

Sam Palmer is the Assistant Director at Clark County Department of Building & Fire Prevention Bureau in Clark County, Nevada. Sam is a Professional Engineer in Nevada, Utah, Arizona and a CEM in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan.

José Roig has been a public servant for the City of Austin since 2007. Currently, serving as the Interim Director for the Austin Code Department (ACD) where he provides strategic oversight and leadership to the department.

Ara Sargsyan

Kevin Scott is President of KH Scott & Associates LLC providing fire and life safety consulting, plan review, code interpretation and application, and training. Kevin has extensive experience in the development of fire safety, building safety and hazardous materials regulations. Kevin has actively worked for over 35 years in the development of fire code, building code and fire safety regulations at the local, state, national and international levels.

Kevin previously worked as a Senior Regional Manager with the International Code Council, and before that, he was Deputy Chief for the Kern County Fire Department, California, where he worked for 30 years. He has developed and presented many seminars on a variety of technical subjects including means of egress, high-piled combustible storage, hazardous materials, and plan review and inspection practices. He has authored or co-authored over ten books including the 2021 Fire Code Essentials and Significant Changes to the 2021 International Fire Code.

Jerica Stacey

Mr. Thomas has over thirty years of experience in working with building codes including plan reviews, inspections and administration. His firm provides building code consulting services for governmental agencies and architecture firms, as well as educational seminars on buildings codes. Starting a building code consulting firm in 1999, he has serves as the contract Building Official for local jurisdictions in Colorado. Mr. Thomas has served on several ICBO committees and recently served as the Chairman of the ICC Means of Egress Code Development Committee. He currently serves on the ICC Codes & Standards Committee. He is also the author of the book, Building Codes Basics, Based on the 2009 & 2012 IBC, and the Building Code Essentials based on the 2015 IBC, all available from ICC. He has represented building code classes for the last 25 years and provides an interesting and engaging look at the building codes.

Jim Williamette

Judy Zakreski is the vice president of Global Services for the International Code Council, leading the consolidation of the global activities of the Code Council’s business units and subsidiaries under a united strategy to capitalize on synergies and achieve growth. Zakreski also engages with the U.S. government and other associations on matters of trade policy.

Prior to joining the Code Council in April 2018, Zakreski founded and operated China Trade Strategies, a boutique consulting company providing bi-cultural expertise in the healthcare and trade finance industries for Chinese and Western companies.